Henna tattoos are a part of social and holiday celebrations, and considered blessings that bring luck,joy and beauty. There are henna tattoos that are made for days to assure the most sophisticated yet polished designs. Henna is just a temporary tattoo that’s usually worn on wedding ceremonies.

While shooting a new television documentary in India, Jessica Simpson decided to get herself a tattoo. She spent a lot of time with Bollywood star Neha Dhupia , who did her best in introducing her in the Indian traditions. Jessica even worn a gorgeous turquoise sari, that perfectly matched with her statement making “bindi dot”.

The new show she’s filming is all about finding out what different cultures consider beautiful and why. Jessica got into the traditional fashion in no time, bye getting herself the glamorous hand art. Made from turmeric paste, the tattoo is only semi-permanent, and it take hours to complete.

This feminine art, is not only part of the Indian beauty, but it protects the single women, providing her luck and joy. Let’s just hope it will work for the American star to. After a series of failed relationships, this tiny fashionable natural accessory will surely won’t do any harm.

Photos: Getty Images