Jennifer Lopez seems the girl who can do it all as the 42 year old has managed to excel in everything from dancing to singing, acting and more and it seems that the diva manages to turn everything she touches into gold. Showing that she’s ‘one tough cookie’ Jennifer Lopez turns sexy tomboy for V Magazine’d 76 spring 2012 issue, where the singer can be seen donning masculine boxer briefs paired sexy cropped tops, sexy lingerie and even just a pair of boxing gloves.

After struggling to launch herself in the music industry, Jennifer Lopez can call herself a fighter as the diva has managed to become internationally famous. Being presented by V Magazine at ‘The Lady Is A Champ’, Jennifer Lopez can be seen going fierce and channeling her inner fearless boxer as she poses seductively donning nothing but a pair of boxing gloves or masculine boxer briefs paired with sexy skin revealing tops. With her hair slicked back, Jennifer Lopez looks fierce yet seductive at the same time, a look that is still much different that what Jennifer has got us used to.

Styled by former French Vogue editor-in-chief Carine Roitfeld, and captured on lens by internationally acclaimed photographer Mario Testino, the photo spread came out topping the highest expectation. In the 12 page spread, Jennifer Lopez also shares her thoughts about her personal life, her failures, her family as well as her Latin background and involvement as the diva is also a part of a Latin American talent search show called Q’Viva, alongside her ex husband Marc Anthony. As far as the Latin community goes, Jennifer tells V Magazine that:

“There are so many differences in the Latin community. Someone from Mexico and someone from Puerto Rico have different foods, different traditions. There’s an education to be had. Even as I was going through the different countries, there were certain forms of music that I didn’t know about.”

On the relationship with her ex husband with whom she has two twins, Max and Emme, Jennifer Lopez states that the two are parents before anything else. The two have been very civil during and post their separation and it seems that nothing changed in the meanwhile. Jennifer says that:

“I mean, we’re parents and friends first. That will be the thread that ties us together. I don’t know if people expect it to be negative just because the relationship didn’t work out.”

In the entertainment business it’s not easy to keep afloat, but still, Ms. Lopez managed to do so perfectly until now. However, she wasn’t left unexposed to harsh critiques as with her first fashion label and ‘Back Up Plan’ movie role being highly critiqued, the singer has managed to understand that you can’t always win and satisfy everyone. She says:

“You’re not going to hit the target or the bull’s-eye every time. That’s part of it. At the end of the day, I made those choices. I’ve been in the business now, I don’t want to say how many years. You have amazing moments of recognition and success. But at this point in my life, I try to take it all with a grain of salt.”

Being raised in the Bronx definitely helped Jennifer Lopez grow tougher, and that toughness definitely showed in the photo spread done by Mario Testino. Channelling her inner boxer wasn’t all that difficult for Jennifer as she says that:

“I can take a lot of punches and still keep going. I’ve been trained like a boxer to go 15 rounds.”

Check out Ms. Lopez’s full photoshoot and interview in V Magazine’s Sports Issue.

Photos courtesy of V Magazine