With fall around the corner, the most important magazines are working hard to bring new season goodies to our attention. Many magazines are preparing mega issues in an attempt to equip us with everything we have to know in the upcoming months fashion-wise. To make the treat even more fabulous, the cover girls are chosen from some of the hottest celebs of the moment. These fabulous characteristics are easily found in the InStyle September 2012 issue which features Jennifer Lopez and has a whopping 652 pages.

The diva looks absolutely spectacular in two fabulous and upcoming season appropriate outfits. With each appearance, the star proves she still has plenty to say in the entertainment industry and the interview for the magazine also touches this subject as she is currently doing her first world tour. However, the issue also reveals more personal aspects of the diva’s life.

The singer is a big believer in love, despite the fact that it also has some unpleasant sides. As for her type of guy, she confesses that: “The most important quality the man in my life should have is that he is sweet. I like the good guys… The hard part is that you never stop believing in love. You never stop. But that’s also the best part. You never stop believing, and you never, ever give up.”

The 43 year old star isn’t someone who adopts a fatalistic perspective in times when things are far from being easy. In fact, she sees difficult times as a tremendous opportunity for growth: “I live by the mantra that God doesn’t give you anything you can’t handle. It’s not until something bad or difficult happens that you really get to grow. And then you realize that those difficult moments, the times when you feel pain, are when you do a lot of your growing. You realize: There’s no reason to be terrified of things. Either way I’m going to be OK.”

Whether she’s experiencing happiness or sorrow, she never neglects her priorities, her most important one being, predictably, her children. She feels just as vulnerable and as pressured as everyone when it comes to the subject of parenting: “Of course, I’m the same as any parent. I feel the pressures of wanting to be a great parent and of wanting to do right by my children. I feel the pressure of knowing you can’t be perfect even though you want to be. One thing I’ve learned: Being a mom, or a dad, is the most important job there is. It doesn’t matter who you are. You have to embrace it for everything that it is.”

If you are anxious to see what else the diva had to share, pick up the 652-page September issue, on newsstands Friday, August 17th.

Jennifer Lopez Covers InStyle September 2012 Issue

Photo courtesy of InStyle