New season, new ambassadors. The practice is becoming increasingly common between luxury brands. Christian Dior is preparing a similar change. The latest star to present us the goodies created by the iconic brand is Jennifer Lawrence. The 22 year old ‘The Hunger Games’ star will star in the spring 2013 Miss Dior handbag campaign, a position in which we saw Mila Kunis this F/W 2012 season.

The reasons behind this selection are well founded according to creative director Raf Simons: “Her youth and her classic beauty, but also the feminine strength and complexity that she can portray at such a young age are, for me, very unique and very appealing.”

Jennifer understandably shares the appreciation for Dior’s creative mastermind, who, she feels, made an extremely important contribution to the label: “I’m very excited at the idea of working with Dior and wearing Raf Simons’ new creations. His debut ready-to-wear and haute couture have distilled all the glamour of Dior into the modern era,” the actress declared for DiorMag.

Her presence at Dior haute couture show in July has given birth to various speculations which turned out to be true. While there were cases where labels kept both ambassadors for the label, it is presumed that this time Jennifer will replace Mila Kunis.

Her influence as a fashion icon is conturing slowly but surely. Aside from this major endorsement gig, the actress has also landed on the cover of Vogue U.K for the November issue. Though there’s no word on a possible date when the ads will break out, we are eager to see them.

Photos via Getty Images