Hollywood darling Jennifer Aniston is Elle’s new cover girl for the magazine’s ‘Women in Hollywood’ November 2011 issue. The 42-year-old actress looks beautiful in a cotton tank top from Balmain and satin shorts from Balenciaga. Featured inside are also “icons, scene stealers, and ingénues that light up the silver screen”: Elizabeth Olsen, Freida Pinto, Naomi Watts, Evan Rachel Wood, Michelle Pfeiffer, Barbra Streisand, Viola Davis and Stacey Snider.

According to recent gossips, Jennifer Aniston is pregnant with boyfriend Justin Theroux’s baby. However, the lovely actress clears things up in Elle’s November issue. “But it’s not what you read. There’s no desperation. If it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be. I’m at peace with whatever the plan is. But will you hate me if I say I don’t want to talk about my relationship?” Aniston says.

Jennifer also recalls how she once stood up to a male director. “I threw a chair at a director. It wasn’t my proudest moment. He was treating a script supervisor horribly… When the director walked in, I threw a chair at him. I missed, of course. I was like, ‘You can’t speak to people like that.’ I can’t tolerate it,” she told the magazine.

Jennifer Aniston Covers Elle November 2011

Young Elizabeth Olsen also appears in Elle’s ‘Women in Hollywood’. The 22-year-old actress speaks about her film debut and what made her want to act. “They’re all indies, so the shoots were relatively short—it was great because every single film was a genre, and the directors were so completely different. It helped me figure out what worked for me and how I would adapt. It was difficult at times — like a great year of conservatory training. It was that intense,” she said.

Olsen confessed that Frank Sinatra’s musicals were the main reason for her wanting to start an acting career. “Watching old Frank Sinatra musicals when I was, like, 6. I wanted to be one of the love interests when I got older,” Elizabeth told Elle.

Another beauty featured in the magazine’s November issue is India-born actress Freida Pinto who dishes on being described as the ‘perfect obscure object of desire’ by Woody Allen. “For me, it wasn’t trivializing, but it would be if I did that in film after film. It gave me the opportunity of exploring the woman I’m not,” Pinto says. Speaking about being the older woman in her relationship with Dev Patel, Freida admits that, “I don’t think the age factor is any kind of annoyance — I find him to be more of an old soul than I am. His wisdom comes from a place that’s very difficult to pinpoint: How did a 21-year-old think of that?”

Elizabeth Olsen

Freida Pinto

Looking great as usually, Naomi Watts opens up about what made her want to become an actress and her role in ‘Mulholland Drive’. “It was a game-changer, but I knew I had to be careful. You can get a lot of attention and still be gone in a flash,” Watts says about the psychological thriller that represented her breakthrough.

On what made her embrace this career, the 43-year-old actress confesses that, “One of the things was seeing the movie Fame, as cheesy as that sounds. I was like, That looks fun! It wasn’t that I wanted to be famous. I just wanted to go to acting class.”

Evan Rachel Wood is another talented actress included in the magazine’s November issue. On how she chooses her roles, the 24-year-old beauty says that, “I always want to do things that reflect where I am. I do the roles that give me butterflies.” As for her nude scenes, the young actress admits that, “I learned that I needed to control the situation in order not to be too self-conscious. I said to myself, I’m an awesome naked lady, and there’s an energy that I’m going to give off right now that lets you know how you’re going to feel about this.”

Naomi Watts

Evan Rachel Wood

The next to be featured in this special issue is an actress who won numerous awards for her work even though at the beginning she had trouble persuading casting agents that she was more than just a pretty face. Michelle Pfeiffer is now 53-year-old and still looking amazing.

The actress talks to Elle about plastic surgeries saying that, “I’m all for a little something here and there—fine. It doesn’t matter to me if people have plastic surgery or they don’t, or if they do Botox. But when people don’t look like themselves anymore, that’s when you kind of go, ‘Oooh,’ and it’s kind of sad. It’s uncomfortable for us, but if they’re happy with what they see in the mirror, does it matter?”

On being cast as Al Pacino’s trophy wife in ‘Scarface’, Pfeiffer says that, “I was terrified the whole time. I was so out of my league with all of these seasoned actors. Here I was, this little waify thing in these little flimsy clothes, and who was I? I was the girl from Grease 2!”

To read the full interview and see all the photos, visit elle.com or pick up the November issue of ELLE on newsstands on October 18.

Michelle Pfeiffer

Jennifer Aniston Covers Elle November 2011

Photos courtesy of ELLE