Jennifer Aniston appears in the February issue of “Allure” magazine in a ’60s-inspired Brigitte Bardot style. The 41-year-old actress provocatively poses with unbuttoned pyjamas on top, sexy, blonde long tresses and heavy bangs, but also in a sweet way cuddling a teddy bear and showing a baby-doll look.

In the interview for the magazine, Jennifer Aniston speaks about the “Rachel” hairstyle, which became popular due to her role as Rachel Green in “Friends”. She says that this is one hairstyle she wouldn’t replicate as it is the ugliest haircut she has ever seen.

“I love Chris [McMillan, her hairstylist], and he’s the bane of my existence at the same time because he started that damn Rachel, which was not my best look. How do I say this? I think it was the ugliest haircut I’ve ever seen. What I really want to know is, how did that thing have legs? Let’s just say I’m not a fan of short, layered cuts on me personally, so I don’t love revisiting that particular era.”

The beautiful actress also talks about her latest film, “Just Go With It”, and the changes she made for this project. “I didn’t wear mascara in “Just Go With It”. It’s fun to transform a little bit – what did I have to lose? I was ready to be silly and go with a full-out comedy, and it was the first time I felt truly sure about what I was walking into. Because with the last couple of movies, I wasn’t completely sure, and I should have probably trusted my gut. For whatever reason, they all happen the way they’re supposed to.”

Aniston also added that she doesn’t understand “The Bachelor”. She says that “I was mesmerized by these girls, they meet this guy, they have three dates together or something, and they’re weeping as though they’ve just lost the love of their life. I don’t understand that.”

The gorgeous actress reveals that she enjoys not taking herself too seriously. “I’m actually comfortable in goofdom,” she tells the magazine. “Not taking myself seriously is one of my favorite things to do, because I don’t. Ever.” On her love of dogs, Jennifer Aniston says that “the most unconditional form of love that you can encounter is with a dog. They’re excited the minute you come home, and they show the same amount of excitement every day.”

Photo courtesy of Allure