One of the hottest celebrity couple, Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart split, allegedly, after the 27 year old dancer found himself in hot water when a second transgender, Sofie Vissa, claimed that he contacted her and exchanged sexy photos.

After Jennifer Lopez split from her third hubby and the baby of her twins, Marc Anthony, the world was in shock and when it was revealed that she was dating a much younger dancer from her team, the world labeled her a cougar. However, things began to take a normal course after people saw that she was happy and it appeared like he was in it to win it. Unfortunately, this relationship too is proving to be far from a fairytale as the media reported that Casper has been chatting with a couple of transgender women and exchanged sexy photos. This must have made Jennifer, who’s made the list of Hottest Women in Hollywood several times, very angry as she’s reportedly showered him with gifts and even a custom orange truck that stops traffic.

Sofie Vissa In Touch(source)

Although things appeared to be going in the right direction for the couple – they’ve recently been spotted sunbathing on the beach – according to DailyMail, a source revealed that the two were having some issues long before the transgender scandal surfaced. The source said that:

“They have had problems for a while. They are done now though, it’s completely over. They are both doing their own things now. Jennifer is fine.”

Now, to top it all off Vissa leaked the photo Casper sent her to In Touch Weekly. Mr. Smart’s selfie will definitely cause your cheeks to flush as his bare torso and well sculpted abs are truly enviable. The hot looking transgender told the publication that:

Casper Smart Shirtless For Sofie(source)

“I didn’t reach out to Casper for what it led to. It’s something Casper and Jennifer need to talk about. They need to figure out or fix whatever is wrong because obviously, there’s something that’s not right between them. If you are in a relationship, I wouldn’t want my guy doing that. He is looking to fill some void.”

Sofie Vissa Casper Smart(source)

Now although we find it difficult to tell that Sofie Vissa or Xristina Marie, the first to claim Casper contacted her, are transsexual, one can’t tell if Casper, if he’d really been sexting them, knew that he wasn’t dealing with regular hot looking girls, but that isn’t even the issue. On the same note, TMZ reported that a source said that:

“Casper has been a single guy and can text or see whoever he wants. The idea that he was knowingly texting a transsexual is laughable.”

Well, one thing is for sure though: Jennifer Lopez was spotted out by her lonesome post her free Bronx performance at the after party at Don Coqui in New York, and she was looking divalicious. This was the first sign to raise the question of whether she and Casper Smart were still an item and although an official statement concerning the reported split has yet to be released, we’re pretty sure that Jennifer is not going to let this one slide!