With his bad boy attitude, Jason Statham keeps drawing attention like a magnet, so no wonder that for the cover of Details magazine, the April 2012 issue, the actor was captured on lens channeling his inner action movie star. With a business chic style that can instantly switch to that of a pro fighter, Jason Statham makes jaws drop as the 44 year old actor, who is also dating Victoria’s Secret model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, would put men half his age to shame with his rock-solid abs and martial arts skills.

‘The Mechanic’ star rocks the cover of Details where he also gushes on his career, his past as a black market salesman, his gratitude for Guy Ritchie and more. Check out excerpts of the English heartthrob’s interview with Details, and find out what he had to share with his fans.

Making it big in the entertainment industry is definitely not easy and it seems that Mr. Statham, who debuted his acting career in ‘Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels’, had help with his breakthrough from Guy Ritchie, Madonna’s ex husband. He tells Details that:

“Guy really went above the call for me. Had me up to the house before I met the producers to read through dialogue. ‘No, you’re doing way too much! The camera picks up more than you think.’ Pointers like that.”

Statham does most of his stunts and appears to be more than comfortable showing off his martial arts moves, so when it comes to focus on the job, the actor states that:

“Just show up and try to find a way to make it come alive. That’s a bit like doing your own stunts. Unless you want it, you’ll never commit, so you’ll only be giving a random percentage. I’ve done that—where I wasn’t true, or, as often, they weren’t true.”

Because of his background, Jason Statham says that he can tell when people are trying to sell an illusion, because it was something that he used to do in the past. He tells the magazine that:

“So much of this industry is buried in bulls**t. You’re pretending to be something onscreen, fine. But it’s also the way it plays out here, every day. Yeah, we love you, can’t wait to put you in a movie. It’s f**king bulls**t. Not to be entirely negative, mind you, because there’s so much talent here, so many people that are righteous. But believe me, there’s so much that ain’t, and you see that coming in so thick. I did it for a living. I see it before it enters the room. And usually I know just to point my compass elsewhere.”

Find out more about Jason Statham and check out his stunning action-packed photoshoot in the April 2012 issue of Details magazine.

Photos courtesy of Details