Cristiano Ronaldo’s super hot girlfriend, model Irina Shayk graces the cover of S Moda magazine where she posed like a true diva before opening up about modeling and success in an interview with the mag. The 26-year-old hottie looked impeccable in front of the camera lens of Alvaro Beamud Cortes for S Moda where she flaunted her sexy body while donning an array of fashionable garments that managed to underline her flawless physique and stunning beauty.

The model, who was recently pictured at her beau’s soccer match sitting several seats away from the soccer player’s mother, reveals to the magazine that she doesn’t Google herself or read tabloids as she prefers to be focused on books rather than gossip. She’s a very successful model and it seems that things didn’t come easy for the Russian model as she tells S Moda that:

“I think success is very hard work so, you know, if you work hard and you have some success you have to give up something, so sometimes you give up your privacy..”

Apparently, the modeling industry is not all glamor and fun as Irina reveals to the magazine that to become a model one must be very strong minded as there are plenty of people out there who are ready to jump in with negative comments. According to her statement, she doesn’t care about what people think about her. She tells the magazine that:

“In my work and in my business, you should be very strong in mind. You know, I don’t care what people think about me, I really don’t. You have to be sure about yourself and about your work and your career and you have to be strong inside because so many people come around and try to say bad things about you. But that is how the world is. It has bad people and good people and there’s nothing you can do about that. You just have to stick with your mind and stick with your ideas and just do what you wanna do.”

Check out Irina Shayk’s full interview and discover the charm and talent that landed her a top position in the modeling world by checking out her complete fashionable spread in the May 2012 issue of S Moda magazine.

Photos courtesy of S Moda