Either using plastic surgery or just extreme makeup, human Barbie dolls are giving Mattel a run for its money. The most well known Barbie is Valeria Lukyanova, but other women in the Ukraine and even in the US have tried to reach the same ideal.

Find out more about the human Barbie dolls and Ken dolls who consider the plastic toy the ideal way human should look and aren’t afraid to spend a fortune modifying their bodies to get the perfect mannequin look.

Valeria Lukyanova

The 28 year old Ukrainian blonde is still the most renowned woman to embrace the moniker of human Barbie. The model claims that the only cosmetic surgery she’s had was a breast augmentation, and everything else is the result of gym workouts and special makeup and contact lenses.

Valeria Lukyanova

She’s still the gold standard for human Barbie dolls, but she might not be around much longer. In February 2014, Lukyanova explained she was trying to get into Breatharianism, a belief that a person can get all the nutrients they need to survive from light and air.

Jenny Lee

Jenny Lee Human Barbie

Some human Barbie dolls rely a lot more on plastic surgery. The the most well known American Barbie is Jenny, who appeared on Oprah in 2014, having had 26 plastic surgeries by the age of 28. On a follow up segment that was filmed 7 years later, Lee confessed to having 33 more procedures done, for a whopping total of 59. Unfortunately, after having been diagnosed with fibromyalgia, and gained weight, losing her perfect Barbie waistline.

Lolita Richi

Lolita Richi

The latest addition to the online collection of human Barbie dolls is another Ukrainian blonde. Lolita Richi is only 16, and she claims her 20-inch waist is all natural, not the result of Photoshop or cosmetic surgeries. “I’m the ultimate vamp woman. I haven’t even heard of Valeria Lukyanov,” the high school student told The Daily Mail.

Human Barbie Lolita Richi

Photographed by her 33 year old mother, Lolita claims that changing your physique to fit the beauty ideal of a doll is perfectly normal. “If a girl doesn’t have beautiful eyes then they should wear contact lenses to sort it out. If they have a crooked nose, then she must do something about it, whether that’s plastic surgery or not,” she added.

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Alina Kovalevskaya

Alina Kovalevskaya Barbie Doll

Competition between human Barbie dolls is fierce and 21 year old Alina Kovalevskaya was friends with the “original” doll Valeria for a while, before they went their separate ways. With an 18 inch waist, she also claims no plastic surgery except a boob job was involved in her transformation. “I like big eyes, little nose, small plump lips. I love long hair. My hair is a meter long,” she told Barcroft TV, adding that she stays out of the sun to keep her porcelain looking skin from tanning.

Justin Jedlica

Human Ken Doll

If human Barbie dolls are looking for a perfect Ken doll, there are at least two to choose from. With around 140 cosmetic procedures, Justin Jedlica really took being a doll seriously. He’s had everything from brow shaving to thigh implants in his quest for perfection and he even met Valeria Lukyanova, but the two didn’t get along.

“I don’t really get her. I don’t get why people think she’s so interesting. She has extensions. She wears stage makeup. She’s an illusionist,” he told GQ.

Celso Santebanes

Celso Santebanes Human Ken Doll

“I’m not a fake, I’m Ken," claimed Celso Santebanes, a 20 year old Brazilian model who spent over $50,000 on plastic surgeries in order to resemble the Mattel doll. Unlike the Ukrainian human Barbie dolls, he admits to having a lot of procedures done on his face.

“I think I’m 90 per cent of what I want to be. I intend to do more surgeries, but do not know what. For now my investment is being in the gym, for Ken is strong and I am skinny,” he told the Daily Mirror.

Heidi Montag

Heidi Montag

When compared to other human Barbie dolls, Heidi Montag’s appearance is a lot less extreme, but she also made the biggest sacrifice to change her entire body. Undergoing 10 cosmetic surgery procedures in a single day, including a chin reduction and a breast augmentation, left her in constant pain for weeks. However, she couldn’t keep her porn star Barbie look for long. She had to switch her F-cup breast implants with D-cups for health reasons.