Those ladies who might not fuel a fondness for sports can still get familiarized with some of the most successful sportsman, from nowhere else then the stylish underwear ads and shootings. Indeed these photos reveal how hard these guys really work to keep their figure in the best shape and bring out those muscles.

Mesmerizing the public and pampering our vision, these underwear ads would travel around the world offering us the chance to find out more on the latest trends in men’s lingerie.

The greatest companies approach the most successful and respected soccer players, swimmers as well as tennis players to strip off a do a similar artistic and hot shooting. Indeed the hottest sportsmen as underwear models would offer us the privilege to feast our eyes on the nearly perfect human body with all the must haves.

The Portuguese soccer player became one of the most popular sportsmen both thanks to his fab performance as well as unique look.His hair style as well as fashion sense conquered the ladies and encouraged men to adopt a more refined attitude towards fashion and hair styling. The Real Madrid star accepted to become the underwear model for the Armani collection. The 24 years old star paved his way to worldwide success both when it comes of the entertainment business as well as sports.<br /><br /> The successful soccer player, hair style icon and Posh Spice hubby celebrity David Beckham started his career as a pro soccer player. Then he decided to try his hand at fashion and various domains. Indeed his unique Faux Hawk as well as perfumes and other beauty products and also underwear produced by Emporio Armani traveled and mesmerized the world. This is how the Los Angeles Galaxy star managed to engrave his name into the public sense. <br /> The 33 years old Swedish footballer is one of the leading stars of the Chicago Fire soccer team. However it seems that he was also thrilled to accept the offer of Calvin Klein to popularize their underwear collection for 2007. Besides being a sportsman Fredrik is also a male model collaborating with other great brands as Procter and Gamble as well as Puma and Nike.<br /><br /> The Spanish soccer player at the age of 28 managed to achieve a strong reputation in the world of sports playing for the uber-successful FC Barcelona team. He also experimented with the world of modeling which brought him standing ovation among the fans as well as showed a different and more fascinating side of the young sportsman.<br /> The Australian cricketer and at the age of 28 he already earned the title for the Best Cricket Player of the year in 2009. The athletic sportsman flirted with the idea of trying his hand at modeling and decided to go for the deal offered by the fab Jockey underwear company. The shooting was indeed inspiring and vision pleasing.<br /> The American swimmer who managed to win no less than 16 Olympic medal so far is also one of the hottest celebrities who is venerated by ladies as well as teens. His career is indeed blooming offering him the chance to expand his fields of interest also to modeling, which he actually did for Speedo. Those who are fond of the athletic built of this young sportsman should definitely take a look at the whole line.<br />