Sometimes fantasy might turn reality when movie characters might not be able to restrain their deep emotions to the screen. In this case to the thrill of the audience actors might turn out to be real lovers who decide to go for an official relationship and show the world their feelings.

This is the fact that makes these hottest on and off-screen couples so beloved and popular. Indeed some of these romances remain strong and long-lasting others end up with an unfortunate split still while it goes on it offers both the partners as well as the public special moments thanks to the paparazzi who immortalize the most harmonious and deep emotions.

 The buzz between the two Twilight co-actors was visible and more than obvious for the public and apparently also for the couple. Robert Pattinson claimed to fall in love with Kristen Stewart during the shooting of the first series of the saga. However at that time she was involved in a relationship. Fortunately as soon as she became single the actor took the initiative and legalized this relationship to the thrill of the fans.<br /> The two main characters of the fab romantic drama Last Song. The couple confirmed dating right from the beginning of the shooting, still call it quits this August. The romance was indeed in the air especially as the couple was caught holding hands and kissing off the screen. However the teen romance might not have the expected future therefore Miley and Liam go on separate ways from now on.<br /> The award-winning actors Javier Bardem and Penelope Cruz have already a past when shooting the movie Jamon, Jamon back in 1992, still they decided to plan a common future only in 2008 when the blockbuster movie Vicky, Cristina, Barcelona brought them together. Their on screen collaboration bloomed and turned into a real life romance which was crowned with a secret wedding as well as the fabulous news of Penelope Cruz expecting their first baby.<br /> It was not a real secret that the on screen feelings between Slumdog Millionaire stars, Freida Pinto and Dev Patel were fake emotions. Indeed the couple decided to reveal their real life relationship which is still one of the strongest teen bonds from Hollywood. The young actors claim that their life as a couple is as romantic and emotion-filled, intense as it was on screen.<br /><br /> True Blood is undoubtedly one of the most popular series starring one of the most sought-after real life couple in Hollywood. Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer turned their on screen vampish romance into reality and finally marriage. The young actress managed to mesmerize the public with her eerie beauty and sex-appeal whether Stephen Moyer indeed portrays the role of a real heart-breaker with that sultry and mysterious charm. More than probably chemistry was the sparkle that turned this TV couple into a real couple.<br /> The Gossip Girl stars know each other since ages still the two young starlets started dating right after the first shooting of the first season of this pop series. Blake Lively and Penn Badgley might have struggled with harsh times as an on screen couple however nothing could ruin their real time romance which survived the magical 2 years limit and still goes on without any rumors of splits and affairs. <br />