Changing the perspective of people, media and even designers of the beauty ideal is a real challenge, However thanks to the plus size models who are eager to show off their curves and unique beauty as well as magazines who would like to open the eyes of society to the importance of accepting versatility this dream can still come true.

Indeed the hottest British plus size fashion models allied with their Australian as well as American peers in order to bust the skinny myth and illustrate how feminine plus size can really be.

The world of fashion might still have some doubts about their success however the ice gradually breaks and more and more fashion gurus will allow these popular models to step onto the runway and popularize their fashion operas.

These are some of the plus size modeling pioneers worth considering when longing for an insight into this blooming style domain.

The 33 years old ex-plus size model as well as successful author was one of the pioneering curvy models of the rising business that offered these voluptuous ladies the chance to show off their pride for their well-defined and suave silhouette. Sophie was discovered by Vogue stylist, Isabella Bowen who launched her career that resulted in numerous collaborations with Marie Claire, ELLE, Vogue as well as Harpers Bazaar. Some of the greatest brands she had the chance to work with are Pringle, The Gap as well as Versace, Banana Republic and also Alexander McQueen. Now she is the happy mom-to-be and wife of singer Jamie Cullum.<br /> Chloe Marshall is only 19 still managed to earn all the respectable titles when it comes of beauty contests. With the size 14 she managed to enter the Miss England finals still the tiara was not placed on her head. However as she claims her main aim was to bust all the stereotypes. The beauty queen launched a series of controversies related to her weight which places her in the overweight category which is considered an example not to be followed as various sources from the media claim.<br /> The 28 years old Northern Ireland born model mesmerized the world with her beautiful blonde tresses as well as piercing blue eyes. The plus size model considers Sophie Dahl as her greatest idol when it comes of sex-appeal as well as modeling. Besides her ads with Marks&Spencer as well as Torrid she also starred in various TV series and shows as This Morning, Make Me a Supermodel as well as Russell Brands Got Issues.She still continues to march for the rights and acceptance of plus size models both in the US as well as the UK represented by prestigious agencies.<br /> The 31 years old plus size model grew up in Colombia, then the family moved back to Scotland where she was discovered and at the fragile age of 16 she moved to London to start her modeling career. The model turned actress appeared in in UK Vogue as well as the Pirelli Calendar in 2004. She collaborates with the Evans stores and occasionally appears in editorials made by valued photographers.<br /><br /> The Polish model who moved to London in order to conquer the world with her sensuous curves and succeeded in entering the world of fashion as well as had the chance to star in the various popular ads launched on MTV as well as European TV channels. In her home country the agencies rejected her repeatedly therefore she decided to follow her dreams even if it meant to leave home. She is still at the beginning of her career still keep marching for the cause of plus size fashion.<br /><br /><br />