Many people consider a couple a good match when they both seem equally attractive, and judging a couple on a superficial level is much easier when celebrities you don’t know are involved. However, many attractive celebs seem mismatched, despite explaining there’s much more to their partner than looks.

See a few of the hottest celebrities with less attractive significant others and find out more about why they don’t care about looks at all when they feel they found a soul mate.

Beyoncé and Jay Z

One of the biggest power-couples in the world, Beyoncé and Jay Z only got married in 2008, after dating for more than 7 years. 

Beyonce And Jay Z

It’s not hard to understand why the singer and actress was attracted to her husband. He’s not only talented, but also an accomplished businessman and one of the richest rappers of all time.

Christina Hendricks and Geoffrey Arend

Christina Hendricks And Geoffrey Arend

The ginger beauty known best for her role in “Mad Men”, is definitely one of the hottest celebrities with less attractive significant others. Despite many people calling her husband Geoffrey Arend ugly, it was she who pursued him. The busty redhead started talking about starting a family on their very first date and married Arend in 2009, after two years together.

Salma Hayek and François-Henri Pinault

Salma Hayek And Francois Henri Pinault

One of the hottest latina stars around, Salma Hayek seems to be very much in love with French billionaire François-Henri Pinault. The two hit a few bumps along the road, but they ended up getting married on Valentine’s Day in 2009.

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Adriana Lima and Marko Jaric

Adriana Lima And Marko Jaric

The Brazilian supermodel is considered one of the most beautiful women in the world, so finding a good match was always going to be hard. She’s one of the hottest celebrities with less attractive significant others, even though nobody could call her Serbian basketball player ex-husband ugly.

Elizabeth Banks and Max Handleman

Elizabeth Banks And Max Handleman

For Elizabeth Banks, love came on the first day of college, when she met her husband Max Handleman. The two dated for a decade before getting hitched, and Banks never seemed interested in hotter A-list celebrities once she got famous.

Hugh Jackman and Deborra-Lee Furness

Hugh Jackman And Deborra Lee Furness

After meeting on the set of a TV movie in 1995, Hugh Jackman knew he had found the love of his life. Married one year later, two are still together and prove that the hottest celebrities with less attractive significant others value a deep connection much more than the superficial.

Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Sam Taylor-Wood

Aaron Taylor Johnson And Sam Taylor Wood

The star of “Kick Ass” and “Godzilla”, Aaron Taylor-Johnson met his match when he was only 19 and didn’t care that she was 23 years his senior. Born Aaron Johnson, he took part of his director wife’s name when the two were married in 2012, when they already had two kids together.

Christina Aguilera and Matt Rutler

Christina Aguilera And Matt Rutler

Some of the hottest celebrities with less attractive significant others have a type, and Christina Aguilera’s type is definitely not pretty boy. After a six year marriage with Jordan Bratman, the singer and TV personality got engaged to Matt Rutler, who may not be considered a looker either.

Padma Lakshmi and Salman Rushdie

Padma Lakshmi And Salman Rushdie

Renowned author Salman Rushdie has always dated beautiful women, but perhaps his most famous relationship was with Indian-American model, author and television host Padma Lakshmi. The beauty was married to him for 3 years before calling it quits.

Katharine McPhee and Nick Cokas

Katharine Mc Phee And Nick Cokas

One of hottest celebrities with less attractive significant others, singer and actress Katharine McPhee married Nick Cokas when she was 23 and he was 42. Their marriage only lasted a few years and McPhee filled for divorce in May 2014, months after she started dating the much hotter “Smash” director Michael Morris.

Clive Owen and Sarah-Jane Fenton

Clive Owen And Sarah Jane Fenton

Just like Hugh Jackman, Clive Owen has been married for almost 20 years and has never cheated on his wife with the beautiful actresses he worked with over the years.

Paulina Porizkova and Ric Ocasek

Paulina Porizkova And Ric Ocasek

If you’re still having doubts about why the hottest celebrities with less attractive significant others are perfectly happy with their choice, Czech model Paulina Porizkova offered a more superficial reason why she’s been married to “The Cars” frontman Ric Ocasek for 25 years. “I don’t go for pretty boys — they don’t age well. Have you noticed this?”, she told The Huffington Post.

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