German supermodel mommy Heidi Klum signed a contract with website and production company Full Picture Entertainment and will create a helpful web content for women offering advice on fashion, beauty, relationship, love and parenting. The project is set to be launched later this year.

“During my 15 years in the business, I’ve received so many questions on a variety of topics from my favorite toothbrush to juggling family and a busy work schedule,” Klum said in a press release. “I’m bringing in the experts that have helped me over the years to help inspire you.”

The 37-year-old ex-Victoria’s Secret angel also said that this site is dedicated and it addresses to every part of a woman’s life. “Women are looking for content that speaks to every part of their lives. Right now, advice seems so scattered online. I have created a place on AOL that’s really one-stop-shopping: for women as moms, wives, workers, friends and their most creative selves.”

Heidi Klum has a quite busy schedule lately, as this site is not her only project. The model also announced that she intends to launch her own fragrance called “Shine”, in September. Moreover, another of Klum’s projects involves two clothing collections, a maternity line and a fashion range.

Mom of four, Heidi Klum will also host a new unscripted Lifetime series “Seriously Funny Kids”, which is set to debut on Tuesday, February 1st, with two back-to-back episodes. The half-hour series will follow Klum as she interacts with children showing all the hilarious things they say.

Speaking about this cute reality show, Heidi said that “I do pranks with them. I get to know so many kids and their personalities, but my favorite is always the hidden camera bits. It’s hard for me because I can’t crack up. I have to stay in that moment, and sometimes it gets serious.”

Heidi Klum to Give Online AdviceHeidi with husband Seal

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