The world famous supermodel Heidi Klum has recently announced during the Paris Fashion Week that she is leaving Victoria’s Secret so she will not be at the annual show, that will be held in November 30. The 37 year old German beauty, who joined Victoria’s Secret in 2002 and who hosted the VS annual show ever since was quite reserved when it comes to explaining her decision.

Heidi on her first VS show back in 2002Heidi on her first VS show back in 2002

As she retired, leaving the highest position of Victoria’s Secret angels unoccupied for the moment, the now former Angel expressed her appreciation and gratitude for the wonderful time she spent here:“All good things have to come to an end. I will always love Victoria’s Secret. It has been an absolutely amazing time.” After more than a decade of fruitful collaboration with one of the world’s most influential brands, it seems that it’s high time for a change.

While we won’t be seeing her on the runways presenting lingerie, it’s unlikely that Heidi “The Body” Klum will give up the fashion industry very soon. With a new season of the fashion competition ‘Project Runway’ and fitness line apparel that will be available on a few days from now, the energy of this hot working mom will surely be put to the test. Moreover, she will also dedicate more time to her family and especially with her four children.

Heidi Klum on stage with hubby SealHeidi Klum on stage with husband Seal

It’s a quite sure bet that we will still be able to admire her perfect silhouette for a long time now as she has proven time and time gain that she knows all the secrets of the ultimate body. After all she managed to shock the general public by flaunting her beautifully toned body a few weeks after she gave birth to her forth child. It’s become clear to everyone that that she knows the her diet and fitness secrets to success.

With Heidi Klum now retired, a new challenge and dilemma arises. Since the leading VS Angel position now empty we have yet to find out who will fill the position becoming the iconic figure for the brand. Since Miranda Kerr and Doutzen Kroes are both expecting chances are Adriana Lima or Alessandra Ambrósio will become the next leading angel. Who do you think has the biggest chances to win?Who would you prefer?

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