The fresh supermodel mom, Heidi Klum, cannot be on the catwalk this time, but she can surely host the show. One of the world's highest paid model, decided not to struggle with post pregnancy weight, but wait a bit more and be the host of the glamorous lingerie fashion show.

The Germain supermodel just gave birth to her fourth child, a daughter named Lou Sulola Samuel. She managed to loose her pregnancy weight remarkably fast after each child, but being mother of four children now, Heidi decided can't get back in shape in only 6 weeks.

Last year, after giving birth to her third child, she managed to get in shape after only 8 weeks and run the catwalk as any other supermodel. Marisa Miller is said to take her role of wearing the diamond bra this year and Heidi is going to host the show.

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This years Victoria's Fashion Show will take place on 19th of November, but will get aired only on 1st of December, featuring the Black Eyed Peas performance. Victoria's Fashion Show is the most high profile fashion show in the lingerie industry and Heidi is irreplaceable in it. They didn't want her to miss this show either, so making her the host was one of the best ideas possible. She is probably going to look amazing, with an exceptional body even if it will be only 6 weeks after her giving birth.

Heidi might not run the catwalk this year, but hosting it makes the show just as hot as having her in the glamorous lingeries. So be ready to experience the other great talent of the supermodel Heidi Klum, and watch her being a host.

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