It seems like the spring summer season 2011 will be a highly interesting one if we take into account the fact that the competition between most important fashion designers is a ferocious one, at least when it comes to marketing campaigns. As far as Balenciaga is concerned, its marketing campaign will surely rise some interest, now that the famous model Gisele Bündchen is the new face of the fashion house!

It's not a real secret that, when it comes to the fashion industry effective marketing campaigns are great contributes to the overall success and popularity of the brand. The new seasons are often the most busy ones in terms of marketing strategies as well as being the time when most changes are made. After Vera Wera Wang and Leighton Meester fragrance deal and the failed attempt to get Robert Pattinson to work for Burberry, it seems that Balenciaga has also decided to make a move and make the famous Brazilian model an offer to be the new face of the band.

Rumors seems to indicate that the world famous supermodel has accepted the offer of the luxurious brand and we will soon be able to see the advertising campaign shot by Steven Meisel. Although the fact that we will have the pleasure to see the experienced model in this advertising campaign is crystal clear, another variable remain unknown in this equation: the value of this advertising contract.

However taking into account Gisele Bundchen's popularity as well as the fact that she is the world's highest earning supermodel, it can be pretty safe to assume that her latest project is definitely one that will increase her fortune while boosting the earnings of the fashion house considerably. By accepting to be the new face of Balenciaga, Gisele will be replacing Stella Tennant, Freja Beha Erichsen and Karen Elson from this position.

However this position will also force Gisele to juggle with her career and her role as a mother taking into account the fact that her husband, Tom Brady will be involved in a similar modeling project for the Under Armour clothing company. Even though it might be quite a challenge we are quite sure that the famous model will do a stellar job at balancing her fashion projects with her family life.

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