Lovely Ginnifer Goodwin looks absolutely adorable on the latest cover of ‘Lucky’ magazine, the May 2011 issue. In fact, the 32-year-old actress always manages to flaunt an impeccable appearance due to her delicate, luminous aspect. On the cover, Ginnifer poses in a glamorous one-shoulder dress and crystal chain necklace from Vera Wang, while inside the magazine she wears a yellow Valentino dress and a Suzanna Dai crystal-embellished ribbon-tie necklace.

Ginnifer and her younger sister, Melissa, take the magazine on a tour of their hometown Memphis, Tennessee, showing them the best shopping places where you can buy chocolate or shop for jeans, such as Oak Hall, Isabella, and Dinstuhl’s. On her hometown she says that, “I truly believe that the kindest people on the planet live in Memphis.”

Speaking about Dinstuhl’s, the company that has been making quality candies in Memphis for five generations starting with Charles Martin, Sr. in 1902, Ginnifer tells that, “This place is amazing, with the hands-down best chocolate in the States. I always bring some back for my manager.”

On Goner Records, Ginnifer reveals that, “My fiance and I actually listen to vinyl—plus this place is next to my favorite coffee shop.” It seems that Ginnifer’s dad used to own a recording studio. “It’s a Hard Rock Café now, but before they began remodeling, my grandfather ran in and signed the names of everyone in the family, so Melissa and I are on the wall,” Goodwin told ‘Lucky’.

Ginnifer really knows what suits her best as she is totally aware of her body and what she needs in order to be healthy and stay in shape. In fact, the young actress has been a member of Weight Watchers for 23 years not because she has dramatic weight issues, but she tends to indulge. She told the magazine that, “I’m three different sizes,” gesturing to her tiny waist, narrow shoulders, and “womanly” hips. “I buy things that are big and tailor them down. Things look better when I embrace my body.”

Still, she admits that the costumes in some of her movies weren’t quite flattering. “I’ve played a lot of characters where I’ve worn something … not flattering,” she confesses.

Ginnifer takes the readers of ‘Lucky’ magazine to visit Isabella, the one boutique that stimulated her interest in fashion. “When I first got interested in fashion, this is where I would come. And half my closet is composed of striped shirts,” she says.

The actress also shares other shopping spots she loves in Memphis such as Oak Hall, saying that, “This boutique has been here forever. They have Rag & Bone, See by Chloe and tons of denim — personally, I like straight-leg cuts that are soft and a bit loose.” Besides, on Flashback Vintage, she remembers that, “We’ve been shopping here since we were young — I used to wear vintage dresses exclusively.” Yet, she considers Hoot + Louise “a perfect little boutique on a badass historic corner. It’s half vintage and half new.”

Photos courtesy of ‘Lucky’ magazine