Jennifer Lawrence has reached A-list status for many reasons, from her acting talent to her inspired collaboration with Dior, but her fun personality also played a big part in it. While some are anticipating a Jennifer Lawrence backlash, the young actress is still one of the funniest celebrities.

See a few viral, funny Jennifer Lawrence moments in GIFs from her acceptance speeches to her red carpet hijinks that created hilarious memes.

Jennifer Lawrence Trips at the Oscars

The classic Jennifer Lawrence moment was her first trip up at the 2013 Academy Awards. Coming to the stage to collect her award as Best Actress (“Silver Linings Playbook”), the young actress tripped on her train. 

Jennifer Lawrence Falling Oscars 2013

Even though Hugh Jackman was ready to help, Jennifer Lawrence declined his hand and made her way to start a memorable acceptance speech.

And She Does It Again!

Jennifer Lawrence Falling Oscars 2014

When Jennifer Lawrence tripped at the Oscars again, her detractors started claiming that she’s doing it on purpose. However, tripping on the red carpet was one of the funny Jennifer Lawrence moments because the actress didn’t know she was being filmed when she tripped on her own dress and almost fell down. The incident wasn’t aired during the red carpet special, but it still made its way online.

Jennifer Lawrence Experiences a Wardrobe Malfuction

Jennifer Lawrence Dress Malfunction

At the 2013 SAG Awards, the young actress experienced some difficulty in reaching the stage, but the cause wasn’t clumsiness, but her Dior gown with a bizarre structure. The paneled dress was lifted and revealed a sheer fabric underneath while Jennifer walked to pick up her awards. Her dress didn’t rip, but the incident was still funny and curious.

Photobombing Sarah Jessica Parker

Jennifer Lawrence Photobomb Gif

At the 2013 Met Gala, Jennifer Lawrence wore a stunning Dior creation to meet the theme of “Punk: Chaos to Couture”. However, once she was done looking gorgeous on the red carpet, she photobombed “Sex and the City” star Sarah Jessica Parker in one of the really funny Jennifer Lawrence moments captured both by TV cameras and the paparazzi.

Videobombing Josh Hutcherson

Josh Hutcherson Rash Gif

While taking the time to perfect her photobombing skills, Jennifer Lawrence also played pranks on her co-stars. The most hilarious and memorable is the awkward question she asked Josh Hutcherson while the two were doing press for “The Hunger Games”. With five short words (“Is your rash doing okay?”), she managed to play a great red carpet prank on Josh.

Taking Part In The Best Selfie of All Time

2014 Oscars Selfie Gif

When you’re looking for funny Jennifer Lawrence moments, one of the best is her part in the 2014 Academy Awards mega-selfie. The actress posed along Ellen DeGeneres, Bradley Cooper, Meryl Streep, Julia Roberts, Jared Leto, and many more for a memorable selfie, but she also had an idea on how to improve it: a nip slip! Unfortunately for the entire internet, nobody was interested.

Quoting “Mean Girls” During an Acceptance Speech

Jennifer Lawrence Mean Girls

At the 2013 People’s Choice Awards, Jennifer Lawrence gained even more fans with a reference to the cult classic “Mean Girls”. Whether you got the reference or not, the young star managed to deliver an exciting and hilarious acceptance speech.

Being Brutally Honest

Jennifer Lawrence I Beat Meryl Gif

Some of the funny Jennifer Lawrence moments come from sincerity, not a joke or prank the actress is playing. Her “I beat Meryl!” comment after winning the 2013 Best Actress Golden Globe works both as brutal honesty and a reference to the movie “The First Wives Club”, which Lawrence claims to have gone for.

Complaining About Food

Jennifer Lawrence Hungry Gif

The young actress is often hungry and she makes a point of sharing it with the world. She even ordered McDonald’s on the Academy Awards red carpet because she had forgotten to eat before the ceremony. Eventually, she got her Happy Meal before also getting an Oscar.

Declining to Touch Ryan Seacrest

Jennifer Lawrence Not Touching Ryan Seacrest

Among the many outrageous and funny Jennifer Lawrence moments, one of the stand-outs is her refusal to shake Ryan Secrest’s hand, claiming she had the flu and didn’t want to expose him to the virus at the 2013 Golden Globe Awards. The E! personality seemed shocked, but went with it, creating another viral Jennifer Lawrence moment.