Fergie is ‘Lucky’ magazine’s June cover girl. Wearing a sexy Louis Vuitton zebra printed dress and her amazing long locks, the 36-year-old Black Eyed Peas star opens up in the interview with ‘Lucky’ speaking about high heels, performing, but also sharing some flirting and beauty tips and her famous rock hard abs.

Fergie is known for her toned, yet curvy body. The beautiful singer admits she works hard in order to get those enviable abs. “It’s funny because abs are one of the most difficult parts for me. I jog and jump rope; if you concentrate on holding your abs in the whole time, you can really see the difference,” she said.

Fergie also explained to the magazine why she loves platforms and high heels. “These platforms are my favorite heels for the summer because they give you a long leg. I like to wear tall heels so when my husband, Josh, kisses me, I don’t have to stand on my tiptoes. I can walk all day in these because I had them made a little wide in the front, so the foot can breathe.”

Speaking about shoes, the singer who also has a shoe collection called ‘Fergie Footwear’, revealed that, “I’ve purged 200 pairs of shoes.” This, after the star admitted she used to keep everything. “For years I held on to everything I got,” she explains. “Part of me thought it might all go away.” But now she changed and she believes that, “Just because you get things for free doesn’t mean you have to save them.”

Fergie likes fashion and she learned to enjoy it. “I’m having so much fun with fashion right now. I’m letting some things go and bringing other things in. It’s inspiring.” And the immense love for fashion is embodied by her impressive wardrobe which her husband Josh Duhamel named ‘Fergie Land’. “One of my bedrooms is filled with clothes, and when people come over, I give them a trash bag and a glass of wine, then say, ‘Go!'”

In 2010, Fergie launched her first fragrance called ‘Outspoken’ in collaboration with Avon, a perfume for women with fearless confidence that are not afraid to show their true personality. Fergie shared with ‘Lucky’ one little secret. “I like to spray Outspoken, my perfume by Avon, on my hair. That’s a trick I learned. It makes the scent last longer,” she said.

The singer also dished on her must-have beauty products and some useful beauty tips. “Hair can get crazy at the beach, but a straw hat is a great way to keep it contained. I prefer a wide brim because it also keeps the rays off your face,” Fergie told ‘Lucky’.

As for skin care, Fergie, who previously admitted she’s a beauty junkie, says that she uses eye creams in order to turn the clock on too much sun exposure caused by the fact that she grew up in California. “I’m trying to reverse the sun damage from growing up a California girl, so my makeup artist and I tested eye creams. La Mer’s was by far the best. I swear by it.”

Photos courtesy of Lucky