Eva Longoria is not just a beautiful and talented actress, but she is also a cookbook author and restaurant owner. The 36-year-old “Desperate Housewives” star graces the cover of ‘InStyle’ July 2011, looking natural and hot in a Michael Kors swimsuit. Inside the magazine, Eva shares some of her beauty and makeup secrets, gives a tip for petite figures, and speaks about her future in television and her love life.

The beautiful actress reveals that when she was young, she couldn’t wear makeup, so she used crayons and watercolors on her face. About the time she first started experimenting with makeup, Eva told ‘InStyle’ that, “I wasn’t allowed to wear makeup when I was young. I would melt crayons and try to put them on my lips, and I would use watercolors for eyeshadow.”

What about her beauty secrets and must-haves? It seems that the ‘Desperate Housewives’ hottie has one special obsession: false eyelash. “I can even put them on in the car!,” she says. Besides, Eva also has two other vital makeup items that she always carries with her. “Mascara is very important. If I were on a desert island, I would have to have mascara and lip balm. I’m naturally tan, but I like to use a bronzing powder or something to make my skin look shimmery,” the actress admits.

Eva has always known how to enhance her beauty and accentuate her petite figure. In the cover story for ‘InStyle’ magazine, the actress gives her biggest tip for petite figures. “High heels. I love all designer shoes. There’s this pair in my closet by Versace, and they must be 8 inches – crazy tall! I once tried to count how many I had. All I know is that I just donated 60 pairs,” she says.

Speaking about her love life, Eva confesses that, “One thing I did learn is you don’t hold on to the bitterness of the loss; you hang on to the beauty of the love. Remember all the good things. There was a reason you met someone and a reason why you were together.” Eva married San Antonio Spurs star Tony Parker in 2007 and she filled for divorce in November 2010, citing “irreconcilable differences”.

Longoria got the part as adulteress Gabrielle Solis in “Desperate Housewives” in 2004. As for her career and her future in television, the actress says that, “I hope Desperate Housewives never ends. I love this job. It’s so fulfilling. But I also love producing and being behind the camera. What’s in front of the camera rarely excites me as much as all of the magic of these people working behind the scenes.”

Eva Longoria Covers InStyle July 2011

Photos courtesy of InStyle