After a three year hiatus, Time Style & Design magazine has made a comeback and the magazine has expanded its area of interest beyond fashion and to mark its comeback the magazine has chosen to feature the lovely English actress, Emily Blunt, on its spring 2012 cover.

While channeling her inner fashionista donning some high-end fashion creations signed by some of the most renowned names in the fashion industry and being captured on film by photographer Peter Hapak, Ms. Emily Blunt sat down for a chat with one of the magazine’s writers where she gushed on her career, fashion preferences, meeting her ‘crush’ President Obama and more. The 30 year old actress opened up to the magazine and shared even an embarassing moment of her life, the moment she met President Barack Obama, at the Kennedy Center Honors, when she didn’t know how to react and ended up just laughing. She tells Time Style & Design that:

“I just laughed hysterically in his face. That’s all I could do. I got ushered away gently by someone, removed from his presence. John [Kraskinski] said he’d never seen me fall to pieces in the way that I did.”

With an array of movie roles on her resume including ‘My Summer of Love’, ‘The Adjustment Bureau’ and ‘The Devil Wears Prada’, Ms. Blunt opens up about one of her not so characteristic role in ‘Charlie’s War’ where she agreed to take on the role of a sexually forward young woman. She tells the magazine that:

“I was embarrassed. There was something about it being in front of Tom Hanks. There was a grownup watching.”

As far as her movie role in ‘The Five Year Engagement’, Emily Blunt reveals that her reasons for picking up the role was that it was something new, “It was something I don’t think has been done before, where the girl is not playing the pill of a girlfriend. She’s got as many hilarious set pieces as the bloke.”

In the photo spread for Time Style & Design Emily has stepped into the shoes of an array of characters from ‘bossy fashion assistant to a young royal’, donning an array of impeccable designer ensembles, but when it comes to her very-day style, the British actress reveals that she likes things that have a little bit of an edge. She says:

“In general, I like more edge rather than something too girly and straight. I don’t like flouncy, and I don’t like boring. I’d prefer to go for something a little sleeker and more defined. I’m not necessarily someone who goes to fashion shows. But something weird happens to you when you put on clothes like these [for the Time shoot]. It’s very visceral.”

Check out Emily Blunt’s full interview and photo spread in Time Style & Design Spring 2012 issue.

Photos courtesy of Time Style & Design