Diane Kruger and Chanel have teamed up for a fab campaign. The German superstar will be representing the Chanel beauty line. Her fabulous flawless complexion and her history with the brand has brought her the amazing gig. Long time Chanel fans might recall seeing the star in the Allure fragrance campaign and the Paris-Biarritz handbag campaign.

The label explained its choice in an official statement: “With her natural elegance and beauty, Diane Kruger is one of the freshest, most recognizable faces in film. Now an ambassadress for Chanel, Diane Kruger will be the face of a new skincare advertising campaign, due to be unveiled in 2013.” It seems that the label has chosen to keep the details of the new collaboration quite scarce as no definite date was given. Another important reason which definitely mattered was the actress’ close close friendship with designer Karl Lagerfeld which dates back several years.

Diane Kruger is the Chanel Beauty Ambassador Diane Kruger is the Chanel Beauty Ambassador

More than being a simple fan of the brand, Diane Kruger actually sees the designer as a mentor. The actress revealed details about her special long time connection with the renowned luxury label: “I’ve known Karl since I was 16. I modelled for Chanel quite a bit when I was younger. When I started to act, Chanel lent me clothes for premieres and Karl designed a haute-couture gown for me for the premiere of Troy in Cannes [2004]. I still have the sketch he made for that outfit. I look at him as a mentor and often ask for his advice. I respect his insight and intelligence – he’s a man of immense vision. I’m grateful for all the beautiful outfits he’s given me over the years.”

The star’s flawless style and her perfect skin definitely recommend her for the perk. We cannot wait to see what the label has prepared with the new campaign and we’re pretty sure the actress will do a superb job. We’ll keep you posed the new Diane Kruger for Chanel skin care campaign.

Diane Kruger is the Chanel Beauty Ambassador

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