Media reports suggested that Rihanna and Chris Brown had a couple of secret late night meetings while in Cannes last week and now details regarding their encounter have surfaced. Find out more, next!

Rumors hit the media last weeks, claiming that singer Rihanna had two secret late night meetings with her ex beau, singer Chris Brown while the two were vacationing in Cannes. According to DailyMail reports, Look Magazine printed some inside details regarding the duo's secret encounter. An inside crew member apparently told the magazine that Rihanna was very excited when she found out that Chris Brown was in the same location as she was and that the pair met far from shore, on their yachts, to avoid drawing any attention.

Rihanna and Chris Brown have been rumored to be on the verge of rekindling their relationship, but the two have shot these rumors down on several occasions. However, as they say 'there's no smoke without a fire', media reports revealed that the two have met for two nights in a row in the early hours of the morning while in Cannes. According to MailOnline, Look magazine's inside source said that Rihanna was super excited to see her 'boyfriend'. This is particularly strange as Chris Brown is still dating aspiring model Karrueche Tran, who was also spotted in Cannes partying alongside Chris Brown.

Rumors have it RiRi and Chris met in St.Tropez on day one and pulled their yachts next to each other to ensure their privacy. The magazine's insider revealed that :

“Both of their yachts are huge and moored next to each other, out at sea, where they wouldn't be spotted.”

The diva is also said to have sent Chris texts with thee outfits so that he could chose what she'd wear. Upon her return Rihanna was rumored to be 'on cloud nine', as it's believed that despite the ugly manner their relationship ended three years ago, there's still a huge chemistry between them.

The story continues with the second evening, when the insider says it was Chris Brown who boarded on Rihanna's luxury boat and that the two enjoyed their company until early morning hours. "The sun came up, they had breakfast on deck - where they looked happy - and then Chris went back to the yacht" the insider said according to DailyMail.

It is still unknown where Karrueche was at that time, but it seems that the aspiring model is not overwhelmed with jealousy as she's been spotted partying alongside Chris and his entourage in Cannes, and not even blinking when Chris was captured on camera taking pics and touching the toned bods of some minimally dressed models.
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Photos courtesy of Getty Images, source: MailOnline