Things are doing well for Demi Lovato as it seems she’s prepared to come back into the spotlight. Demi has been facing a lot of issues this past year, things which have triggered the decision to make a brief retreat from the entertainment world, but fortunately for her fans Demi is doing much better and decided to find comfort in her passion: music.

Apparently, music makes Demi feel much more comfortable than being in front of the cameras, so she’s ready to dedicate herself to music and hit the studio once again. After finally speaking openly about her trouble with eating disorder and cutting, which ultimately led to Demi willingly entering rehab to treat her emotional problems, the calm air seems to be installing.

In the latest issue of Seventeen magazine, Demi Lovato writes a note, as a contributing editor, about how much she’s waiting to get back to work. Demi says:

“With my new album, I’m hoping to provide inspiration for girls everywhere who are going through the same issues I’ve faced. I think this will come through in a lot of the material. My first single is really special to me— to me it symbolizes my journey from the person I was to the happy healthy person I am today, and the fact that people are able to rise above anything, despite the odds.”

Apparently music does good for a lot of people including Demi and this really shows as she’s more radiant then ever. Her fans have been really supportive and now Demi is trying to give something back through what she does best, and that is music. Keeping it strong, Demi writes she has enjoyed the experience greatly. She says:

“The experience has been amazing so far and I’m really enjoying the whole process. There are definitely a lot of emotions that go into making an album.”

We couldn’t be happy that things are taking a positive turn for Demi Lovato and we wish her all the best, but do you think she’s ready for a tour and a comeback?

Demi Lovato Ready For Comeback

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