The U.S. version of the British talent show created by Simon Cowell is one of the hottest subjects in the media. Fans of the upcoming The X Factor show are eager to find out who the judges will be. The organizers decided to opt for L.A.Reid together with Cheryl Cole as the celebs who’ll definitely deserve a prominent role in this project. Additionally, Simon Cowell looks for another female judge, a news that spread numerous rumors and hearsay around the world. People started to guess who are the most influential divas who can meet the expectations of the audience as well as that of the organizers.

The interviews already started and we have names as Nicki Minaj, Jessica Simpson, Rihanna and last but not least Demi Lovato on the dazzling list of songbirds as possible candidates for the next X Factor judge position.

The uber-popular media guru Perez Hilton claims that an insider revealed that Demi “would love to do it”. Undoubtedly the Disney star fans will be also thrilled to see her find the next great singing talent of the U.S.

Additionally, another representative of Demi claimed to Disney InfoNet that, “ she did meet with Fox regarding a judge position on The X Factor”. However, the various media sources couldn’t find out more on the outcome of the discussions.

The talent show will offer Demi Lovato the chance to show her professional skills and will secure her a sparkling position in the spotlight. Enrique Iglesias is considered the top candidate to host the show and if Demi will lose this friendly battle against her co-songbirds she might still have the chance to take part in the show at least on the side of Enrique.

 Demi Lovato Potential X Factor Judge?

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