In spite of the controversial status of Perez Hilton when it comes to providing us with the latest news, it might be still true that Demi Lovato is dating Wilmer Valderrama. According to the latest reports, the two TV stars spent a lot of time together also before Demi checked into rehab.

Reliable sources claimed to Perez Hilton, that the celebs were spotted being pretty affectionate in public. In the course of the weekend the 31 years old actor-host and the 18 years old singer-actress were seen at Sherman Oaks Galleria and more precisely at Arclight Cinemas. Furthermore, they were also spotted at the Whole Foods in Tarzana. Spending the weekend together would definitely make the media and fans think of the beginning of a beautiful relationship or a short flick between the two stars.

 Demi Lovato Dating Wilmer Valderrama?

In May 2010 the two artists were already mentioned in the same context, soon after Demi Lovato broke up with Joe Jonas. It seems that their relationship is based on a long-term connection that went through different stages until it got to the stage where it is today. Demi even addressed the fans and media through Twitter to bust all the rumors related to their relationship.

The young actress stated that, “I am NOT dating anybody already. Nothing is more important to me than the relationship I have with my fans.. Just thought you guys should know this.” Whether it was a trick to get rid of paparazzi or she really meant that, all comes down to one fact, whether Wilmer Valderrama is the perfect person that could help Demi synchronize her private and professional life.

Other sources also report that the two celebs met on the set of the “That ’70s Show” during the filming of a PSA for earthquake relief in Chile. The New York Post reveals that back in November, Demi was showing pictures of them together and called him his boyfriend. However, it seems that these news were never publicly confirmed neither by the teen star nor the TV host.

We’re looking forward to see the outcome of these rumors.

Photo courtesy of Getty Images, PR Photos