A new set of sexy Demi Lovato pictures leaked online over the weekend, making the singer the center of another unfortunate scandal. This time it seems like the singer is in the company of her 34 year old boyfriend Wilmer Valderrama, sharing a couple of intimate moments, but the really sassy and explicit pictures show someone vaguely resembling star posing alone and naked.

The most innocent of the pictures included show the star and her beau kissing and hugging and the star in bed, covered and looking mysteriously and mischievously at the camera. Most of the more explicit photos don’t even show the star’s face, however show some of the tattoos the star got.

Demi Lovato Leaked Cell Photos

Though the photos lack of clarity leave a certain amount of doubts regarding the accuracy of pictures, since the scandal broke, there weren’t any definitive statements made on the matter by either Demi or her on-and-off boyfriend, so it seems like the “Heart Attack” singer is trying to put this incident behind her rather than fueling comments with more statements. Rather than denying any of the statements, the singer chose to release a rather cryptic post which might be connected to the recent privacy infringement.

Demi Lovato Naked Pictures 2014

The former ‘X Factor’ judge posted a picture of herself in boxing gloves via Twitter along with a caption in Spanish: “Soy fuerte. Soy luchadora. Asi que no me subestimen.” which translates as “I’m strong. I am a fighter. So don’ t underestimate me.”

Demi Lovato Leaked Cell Photos

Demi Lovato Topless Leaked Photo

Though it might seem rather unfortunate that the new set of picture emerged right before her new “Neon Lights” tour, it seems like the scandal didn’t affect her too much. She seems to be focusing her attention on the fast approaching Coachella festival and on her projects. Given the fact that she came off unharmed from previous scandals regarding similarly compromising photos, she’ll probably manage to do the same now.  

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