Debby Ryan covers 'Glamoholic' December 2011 and looks whimsical in a gorgeous Kevan Hall dress. In the accompanying interview, the adorable 18-year-old actress reveals she's in love and talks about 'Jessie' and how it changed her as a person, her upcoming movie 'Radio Rebel', Christmas and her wishes for the new year.

Debby Ryan looks absolutely stunning on the cover of 'Glamoholic' December 2011. The lovely 18-year-old actress sits down for a chat with the magazine and talks about Disney's hit show 'Jessie' and how it changed her as a person, her upcoming movie 'Radio Rebel', and her wishes for the new year. In the exclusive interview Debby also dishes on her responsibility of representing a role model for kids and teenagers and reveals she is in love.

Asked about what she likes the most about her personality, Debby says that, "That's a fun question! I'm a teenage girl, so there are always going to be some bizarre things. But, I'm really introverted in the way that I can sit and refuel with time alone by myself. So, if I sit and write I can feel so much better about myself and humanity and I do a lot of people watching. Studying and dissecting people - I have this need to 'loneliness' so that I can constantly learn, better myself and figure out the world around me."
As on changing one thing about herself, the actress confesses that, "I don't know. That's so hard! If I could change one thing about myself, I would make myself a fantastic juggler. I feel like that's a great party trick!"

Speaking about her fashion style, Debby told Glamoholic that, "I like to have a little edge of toughness to my fashion style. Whether I'm wearing weathered skinny jeans or combat boots, I kind of like to look like I can 'take you.' I'm a sucker for vintage and classic style, as well. There's always an edge of androgyny to it and timelessness to it, though. It can be soft and feminine but tough at the same time."

Debby Ryan Covers Glamoholic December 2011

Debby Ryan Covers Glamoholic December 2011

Debby Ryan Covers Glamoholic December 2011

Debby told Glamoholic that for her Christmas means spending time with the people she loves. "I think I'm spending Christmas with my grandparents in Texas. We pretty much spend every Christmas there ever since I moved back from Germany. It's been about eight years now since we've spent Christmas with them and we're going to be able to do that. We didn't get to do that for Thanksgiving but we'll be able to this year for Christmas. We go out in the neighborhood and look at the lights. My brother and I are also producing a Christmas song, just for my Mom because that's all she wanted for Christmas. I feel like the holiday is all about spending time with the people I love. I'll also be doing a ton of baking".

On the best Christmas gift, the actress says that she would love some car decorating stuff. "That's difficult. Actually, my brother asked me this the other day and I said socks but that's boring. I don't know, I think I'm going to buy myself a new car soon so maybe car decorating stuff. A little air freshener shaped like a pine tree would be fun!"

Speaking about the best thing that happened to her in 2011, Debby confesses that, "Some of the best things in my entire life have happened this year, so it's just been a great year for me. My show, 'Jessie', and having people that really love it is something that makes me really happy! Working with everyone and being able to prove myself as more than an actress. In a career sense, being able to play someone no one has ever seen me as before, in a project that someone has never seen me before - I played a cocaine addict in Private Practice was amazing to have happen to me as an actor. I also fell I love!"

As for 2012, the young star admits that she would love to materialize the charity project she is working on. "More career stuff, more opportunities to watch the kids grow, etc. I've been working on a charity project for a year now and I think it looks like it's going to be coming into the light and making a really big difference in 2012. So, I think that's going to be very exciting and I really hope for that," Debby says.

Debby Ryan Covers Glamoholic December 2011

On the huge success of Jessie, Debby admits that, "I’m really proud of it. It was very collaborative from the very beginning and even after my movie, Sixteen Wishes; Disney gave me kind of a lot of room in there to play. A lot of people just show up and do their thing which is what you as an actor are required to do. As for me, I really wanted to step in and be a creative voice for my generation."

As for her upcoming movie, 'Radio Rebel', the actress told the magazine that, "I’m so excited, it’s going to be very, very exciting and interesting!… 'Radio Rebel' is basically about what happens when a DJ has this underground ego identity that is becoming more and more popular in Seattly. Not only is it only creating this uprising of individuality in her town and high school and it becomes so much bigger than her."

In the cover story, Debby admits she's a Glamoholic. "Oh, I'm a total Glamoholic! Yeah, I am! It's funny because I have my own way of doing it; I'm not going to go spend two or three hundred dollars on a sweater. But, I go ultra-glamorous when I repurpose something. Usually, I'll buy a sweatshirt or shirt and I'll spread it out and put sequins on it or cut and shape it so that it fits me and whatnot. I think true glamour is having a unique indulgence in what makes you feel beautiful. And, for me, I love wearing clothes that no one else owns and customizing them," the beautiful actress says.

Catch the rest of Debby Ryan's interview in the December 2011 issue of Glamoholic.

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