Christina Ricci is Marie Claire’s UK newest cover girl for the magazine’s April 2012 issue. The beautiful 32-year-old ‘Pan Am’ actress opens up in the interview with Marie Claire and dishes on a wide range of topics including love, growing up in Hollywood, battling an eating disorder, and the biggest turning points in her life. Asked whether she has any regrets when it comes to her wild child ways, the actress admits that, “No. Because it all kind of makes up the back story which is my life.”

Speaking about the growing up process, Christina confesses that, “It took a while for me to be comfortable with who I was. To realise everyone might not get my sense of humour; everyone might not like me. You know what, I’m not going to change who I am. I’ve tried. It doesn’t work. I’ve never been very Hollywood.”

In the accompanying cover story, the actress also explains the effect her upbringing has had on her work. “How I was raised and the memories of certain incidents in my childhood… I bring those emotional memories to things I need to use at work. Definitely. But I also use things that happened to me as an adult in the same way,” Ricci told the magazine.

Christina Ricci Covers Marie Claire UK April 2012 Christina Ricci Covers Marie Claire UK April 2012

In the interview with Marie Claire UK, Ricci also speaks about one of the biggest turning points in her life and her much-publicised eating disorder. “Somebody actually found out about it and outed me while I was recovering,” [from an eating disorder] she says. “It was a horrifying thing to do to a 14-year-old trying to cope with a devastating illness. And, out of rage, I vowed that no one would ever be able to out me for a secret again. So I was going to be completely honest in the rest of my life. I don’t want to be hurt in that way again.”

Ricci made her film debut in Richard Benjamin’s Mermaids as a child who thinks one of the three kings brought Jesus ‘Frankenstein’ as a gift. And now, with a Hollywood career spanning more than a decade, with a multitude of film hits and a great professional experience already achieved, what advice would Ricci give to others? “I’ve always said to people you should never let anyone change who you are because the only commodity you really have is your individuality,” the actress says.

What about her personal life? What does the lovely actress look for in a man? Christina confesses that she is currently single but she is looking for “somebody smart and funny that I love being with.”

And on the future? It seems that Christina is content, even happy, with the idea of growing older. “Yeah. I’m so glad I’m not 20 years old any more. I was in a hurricane. I’m a lot calmer now. I don’t cause destruction for myself and others everywhere I go. I take things as they happen and I’ve learned to be calm about things. Troubleshoot problem as they arise and make the best out of things,” she told Marie Claire.

Read Christina Ricci’s full interview in the April 2012 issue of Marie Claire UK.

Christina Ricci Covers Marie Claire UK April 2012

Christina Ricci Covers Marie Claire UK April 2012 Christina Ricci Covers Marie Claire UK April 2012 Christina Ricci Covers Marie Claire UK April 2012

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