Christina Ricci covers 'Manhattan' Magazine September/October 2011 and she looks extremely sexy in a Giambattista Valli dress. In the interview, the 31-year-old petite actress talks about the roles she played as a child, stage fright, but also about 'Pan Am' and 'Mad Men' comparisons, and Robert Pattinson.

Beautiful and talented actress Christina Ricci lands on the cover of 'Manhattan' Magazine, the September/October 2011 issue. In the interview, the 31-year-old 'Pan Am' star dishes on the roles she played throughout her career, but also about being a guest judge on this season’s Project Runway, Robert Pattinson, bad stage fright and branding.

Even though her first film appearance was back in 1990’s 'Mermaids', most people started relating Ricci to Hollywood due to her role as Wednesday Addams in the following year’s 'The Addams Family'. Speaking about her roles, the actress says that, "I loved playing the roles that I did as a child. I’ve always been quite happy with the identity they’ve given me as long as people don’t take that too literally. I think they gave me a great depth of position as an actress from which to start my adult career."

Presently, Christina plays Maggie, the rebellious flight attendant in ABC’s new series out this month called 'Pan Am'. On the already existing comparisons between 'Pan Am' and 'Mad Men', Ricci told 'Manhattan' that, "It’s a great comparison to get; Mad Men is a great show and I’m a huge fan. But that does focus more on a man’s experience of that time period and this is much more about these women. These were really women who were taking control of their lives and living in a very feminist kind of way. They weren’t the average women."

Christina Ricci Covers Manhattan Magazine September/October 2011

Last fall, Christina made her first Broadway appearance in the Tony-nominated 'Time Stands Still'. Speaking about stage work and how experience helped her, Ricci confesses that, "When I was younger I had really bad stage fright, and when I got older, I kinda forgot about having stage fright and was more open to doing plays. I felt less scared, but I’m still really scared. I felt less crippled than I have in the past."

The lovely petite actress will also play alongside Uma Thurman, Kristin Scott Thomas and Robert Pattinson in a period piece called 'Bel Ami'. On Pattinson, Ricci says that, "He’s great; he’s really an awesome guy. I had a lot of fun working with him. He’s so professional. He comes to set with no expectations or attitude. None of those things you worry someone of his level of fame is going to have."

As for her appearance as guest judge on this season’s Project Runway, Christina told the magazine that, "I thought, 'Oh, that would be fun!' And then I thought, 'Whoa, I’ve never done that before—just talked and voiced opinions while being filmed. What if I sound like a real idiot?'" Ricci is also asked about the idea of branding with certain fashion lines or vodka labels. The actress admits that, "It seems a little overwhelming. Maybe I’m lazy, maybe I’m not overly ambitious. I think I just like to stick to what I know I can handle."

Christina Ricci Covers Manhattan Magazine September/October 2011

Christina Ricci Covers Manhattan Magazine September/October 2011

Photos courtesy of Manhattan Magazine