Public intoxication might not be a rarity in Hollywood, as more and more celebs are spotted in a slightly tipsy state. This time one of the most talented Pop divas is targeted with the harshest gossips and accusations from Celebsville. Besides being arrested together with her boyfriend, we can also find out that Christina Aguilera‘s friends send her to rehab. According to TMZ, the close associates and mates of the singer advised her to seek professional help due to Christina’s alcohol abuse.

Entering rehab would be the only solution to stop the series of disastrous events that could ruin her reputation and career. The same media source revealed the opinion of one of these close friends “Maybe when she was married she was able to keep it under wraps, but it’s out in the open now.” Apparently her struggle with this addiction started in the past while still being married to her ex-husband Jordan Bratman.

Custody arrangements were also named as chief culprits in generating unbearable stress in the life of Christina. Jordan also confessed to the site that he was always concerned about the drinking problems of his ex-wife especially when it comes to the custody conditions of their son, Max.

Earlier this week Christina was arrested with her new boyfriend, Matt Rutler due to driving under the influence of alcohol. Christina was soon released after she was capable of leaving the police department. Her Super Bowl blooper as well as the disappointment the ‘Burlesque’ movie brought, all contributed to the stressful period she experienced in the last few months.

TMZ also reveals that Christina Aguilera doesn’t want to hear neither about the rehab rumors nor the opinion of her friends about her present health state. We’ll see whether the young celebrity changes her mind and surrenders herself to the weeks long pressure exercised by associates to check into rehab.

 Christina Aguileras Friends Send Her to Rehab

Photo courtesy of Getty Images, PR Photos