Chris Brown has managed to get himself wrapped in yet another scandal that involves violence and it seems that his reaction at Good Morning America was triggered by what else: the Rihanna incident.

It seems that Chris Brown got violent on GMA, after the interview was taken. He was there to promote his new album F.A.M.E and the fact that Robin Roberts, the host of GMA, asked him a few questions about the Rihanna incident seems to have brought Chris to the end of his wits, as he flipped out and smashed a window.

After an intense interview, Chris Brown performed his new song “Yeah 3x” after which he stormed off the stage back into his dressing room. It was there where Chris seems to have gotten ballistic, screaming and being super angry. According to ABC News, Chris took his shirt off and confronted the producer about the interview. The staff from hair and makeup became concerned about the situation and decided to call security.

According to TMZ, Brown flipped out, trashed the dressing room and took a chair which he used to smash a window. The window glass was shattered and this became visible from the outside of the building situated on the 43rd street in Manhattan. Not long after the incident, Chris Brown was photographed leaving the building shirtless, and sporting a sleeve tattoo which extends to his chest.

According to TMZ, the GMA staff members have asked Chris Brown previous to the interview if it was okay to ask a few questions regarding the Rihanna incident, and that he agreed. However, his reaction was that of a man caught off-guard, so what could have happened and why did he react violently? Chris Brown is still in probation after the domestic violence incident concerning Rihanna, so if everything is true, he might face some serious consequences.

Later, after the incident, Chris Brown tweeted: “I’m so over people bringing this past s**t up!!! Yet we praise Charlie sheen and other celebs for there bulls**t.” After just a few minutes, the tweet was deleted and Chris tweeted another message to his fans, dedicating his album to them.

Do you think Chris Brown is in need of anger management counseling?

Chris Brown Gets Violent on GMA

Photo courtesy of Getty Images, TMZ