It’s been two years since the unfortunate Chris Brown- Rihanna incident and it seems that Chris Brown is finally ready to talk about it. The horrific beating Rihanna suffered in February 2009 shocked everyone and people have not forgotten it. However, it seems that Chris Brown doesn’t think of the incident as much as he calls the Rihanna incident a ‘mishap’.

The leaked photographs of Rihanna disfigured have caused quite a stir and people began changing their opinion about Chris Brown. He plead guilty to the charges brought by the brutal attack and he was sentenced to 5 years probation, 180 hours of hard labor of community service and had to attend domestic violence classes. Plus Rihanna got a restraining order against him, which was recently lifted. However, people are still talking about the unfortunate event and finally Chris Brown decided to shed some light over how this affected him. He told Page Six Magazine:

“People are always gonna talk. But I’m in a positive place. I consider myself a grown-ass man.”

Brown has apologized for his actions, but an apology doesn’t set things right, so many were not “softened” by this. Chris’s new album speaks of forgiveness as it is titled F.A.M.E as in ‘Forgiving All My Enemies’, but as far as apologizing goes, he says he’s done with that.

“If I walk around apologizing to everybody, I’m gonna look like a damn fool.”

It seems that the incident affected him quite a bit as he states not many people stood by his side. Everyone turned their back on the ‘Forever’ singer as his attack on Rihanna brought a huge wave of negative publicity.

Everyone was shocked by the brutality Chris was found guilty of, deciding they didn’t want to have anything to do with it. Domestic violence is definitely something modern society is trying to combat and the Chris Brown-Rihanna incident has shown that everyone can find him/herself involved in such an unfortunate situation. Chris also stated: “A handful of people stuck by me.” People don’t want negative publicity and this has made a lot of friends turn their back on Brown. “They don’t want to get involved with it because they don’t want their name attached to anything negative. Unknowingly, they kind of show their true colors when they do that.” “You can’t blame people for how they want to be portrayed or if they don’t want to be associated with somebody who had a particular mishap.”

Still, he is thankful that his fans did not turn their back on him and stayed by his side, supporting him. Chris Brown is struggling to get his career back on track and help people forget about this incident.

“The last two years, everybody dissed me, but my fans were so dedicated. The way I look at it is, you can’t walk around mad, because then you just prove everybody right that you’re an angry person.”

Do you think Chris Brown is going to get his career back on track, or the ‘mishap’ will haunt him for the rest of his life?

Chris Brown Calls Rihanna Incident a Mishap Rihanna and Chris Brown in 2007

Photo courtesy of Getty Images, TMZ