This news comes as a shock for many people as her marriage seemed to be perfectly stable. Cheryl Cole, the British sweetheart singer known for being a part of the “Girls Aloud” and making her solo debut as simply Cheryl Cole, is getting a divorce.

This British bombshell married soccer player Ashley Cole in July 2006 after a two year relationship. It wasn’t soon after their marriage that the rumors started flowing. The tabloids started making headlines with news that stated Ashely Cole cheated on Cheryl with a hairdresser and next with a model named Brooke Healy. Although this would have seemed as the time to get a divorce, the two continued their relationship until now when they decided to go their separate ways.

It seems that Cheryl was the one that decided it was time for the marriage to end and contacted Fiona Shackleton, the famous lawyer that handled Prince’s Charles divorce from the late and regretted Princess Diana.

The reason for their divorce seem to be Ashley Cole’s alleged infidelities, a perfect ground for divorce. It seems that Cheryl was advised to go for an amiable divorce without making things too public by going through courts. Since the couple was married for a period of 4 years it is quite possible for the goods to be divided equally and amiably. One of the most expensive belongings of the couple seems to be their mansion in Surrey which is estimated at a whopping price of 6 million pounds. Now that’s a mansion indeed but unfortunately if the two finalize their divorce the mansion might be put up for sale and the profit split; what a shame.

Getting a divorce or going through a breakup is not an easy thing especially when feelings are still involved. Getting over the disappointment is very difficult but with a little bit of support from the loved ones and with a little bit of acceptance, understanding and will power everything can be surpassed.

We do hope that Cheryl manages to pass through this painful period well so she can concentrate on her music career as her music is appreciated worldwide. Our advice for Cheryl is to try her best to deal with divorce stress so she can regain her lovely smile.

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