Taking a brief and fascinating trip to Tanzania marked the life of the 27 years old X-Factor judge and singer Cheryl Cole early this year. The young socialite contracted the severe disease of malaria in this exotic place and had to fight for her life throughout long months until she could definitely defeat the illness with the help of medication as well as medical treatments and the the support of friends and family. In July Cheryl Cole was hospitalized due to a mosquito bite.

She claims that :”I thought I was going to die, I actually thought I was going to die. I thought if I’m going to die I want to die soon because I was in so much pain.” The serious pain as well as the struggle to recover from the serious illness took her ambition and gave her doubts about her ability to be healthy again and survive.

One of the leading voices of Girls Aloud as well as a beloved musician and X Factor judge kept the fans on their toes after collapsing during a photoshoot session back in July. The media was only guessing the real causes of this unfortunate event.

The pain became even more insupportable and she even claims to Piers Morgan that she prayed for a quick end that would spare her from this unbearable suffering.

She even decided to write her will and share all the important possessions. During her struggle with malaria her friends the co-Girls Aloud members Nicola Roberts and Kimberley Walsh were always there to help her.

They even joined her to the interview with Piers Morgan’s Life Stories where she broke out in tears and admitted that she’ll always love Ashley Cole no matter what. In spite of the divorce that still goes on she wants to stay friends with the ex-hubby football player.

Cheryl claimed :”Once we get over this obstacle, I hope we can be friends again. A part of me will always love Ashley.”

Besides the problems and battles she had to fight in her emotional life she also feared that publicity and the media will ruin her life and she longs for some stillness and peace :

‘Sometimes I feel completely trapped. But I just can’t go back to Newcastle and put on tracksuit bottoms and Ugg boots.’

She is now ready to get on with her life and continue living the dream both when it comes of her private as well as public life.

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