She’s preparing for the première of her upcoming movie ‘Prometheus’ where she plays the role of Meredith Vickers, so as she fulfills her promotional duties, actress Charlize Theron graces the cover of Easy Living, the magazine’s July 2012, where she shows off her enviable silhouette and mesmerizing natural beauty.

While she channels her inner model for Tom Munro’s camera lens for Easy Living, Charlize also took time to sit down for a quick chat with the magazine where she opened up about aging, her adopted son Jackson, friendship and more, so find out what the 36 year old bombshell had to say by reading excerpts of her interview with Easy Living.

Celebs are usually the portrait of perfection on the covers of magazines, looking like they’ve found the secret to defy age. Charlize’s natural beauty has made headlines on numerous occasions, but that doesn’t mean the actress considers herself perfect, on the contrary, the South African actress tells the magazine that she’s affected by aging just like everyone else. She tells Easy Living that:

“I get fat, I need to work out, I have pimples and I’m getting older – everything is happening for me exactly as it is for everyone else.”

Charlize Theron Covers Easy Living July 2012

She would put women half her age to shame with her impeccable lean physique, and apparently the key to her enviable silhouette goes beyond good genes as the actress reveals that sports is her ‘recipe’ to looking as she does. Charlize tells the magazine that:

“I have to be disciplined, it’s part of my job. So I train five days a week right now. I practice an incredibly hard yoga called power yoga. I cycle, I spin and I do all sorts of things that I like – because that’s the key.”

Her career seems to be blooming and now that she’s a mommy, as she adopted a baby boy, and juggling her busy schedule with her mommy duties is not easy as Charlize says that ‘it’s very hard for me to leave the house now!’

Charlize Theron Covers Easy Living July 2012 Charlize Theron Covers Easy Living July 2012

The actress radiates happiness and one of the reasons behind her happiness, besides her family, are her friends. She tells the magazine that she’s surrounded by wonderful people and she doesn’t take that for granted. She says:

“Friendship is one of the greatest gifts that you could receive. I have really, really good people in my life. I sometimes find myself wondering what I did in a past life to deserve the people I know! I don’t take any day with them for granted. I don’t treat them like they are going to be there forever, I treat them like they are here now. That’s my philosophy.”

Find out more about Charlize Theron by reading her full interview from the July 2012 issue of Easy Living. Photos courtesy of Easy Living