Who would have thought that behind the swaggy dancer and serious style of actor Channing Tatum there’s a true comedian just waiting to be discovered?! Apparently, after he was cast (surprisingly in the beginning) in the movie 21 Jumper Street, Mr. Tatum was ‘bombarded’ with comedy scripts. The hot stud, who is preparing for the release of his second comedie movie, ‘Magic Mike’, (which the actor has plenty in common with but we’ll tell you later about that), covers the June 2012 issue of OUT magazine. The 32-year-old also revealed in an interview with the magazine details about his past as a stripper, his role in the movie ‘Magic Mike’, career and more, so check out excerpts of his interview with OUT and find out all about Channing.

Prior to his modeling and acting career, Channing Tatum opted for stripping to make a living and it seems that his choice might have just helped him to get to step into the shoes of his newest character from the upcoming movie ‘Magic Mike’. Although he admits he was never comfortable with the ‘taking-the-clothes-off part’, he says that it was a bit exciting.

“I was definitely looking for something to take me into the dark side. You learn something about yourself, you learn about men, women, you see a lot of depressing s&%t, people that are lost. But at the same time, the dark side can be exciting. It can feel like you’re cheating death every night.”

There’s plenty of spectacle in the movie ‘Magic Mike’ and the trailer released demonstrates that perfectly, but Channing says doing a movie about male strippers is a bit risky. He tells OUT that:

“It’s risky. People say that women and the gay community will go see it — knock on wood — but I know straight guys won’t be like, ‘Yo, what’s up man — you wanna go see the stripping movie after the game tonight?’ I doubt they’ll have the ba#@s to see it. What’s funny is that the girls don’t ask me questions about my stripping days, but straight guys want to know everything. It’s that fantasy element. It’s probably why a lot of females on Halloween are the whorey version of a ketchup bottle, or slutty nurse, which I love and respect — it’s liberating.”

Despite the fact that his career has been on the right track for the beginning of his acting debut, Channing Tatum doesn’t take his success for granted. He says that he’s just starting to understand certain things in the business and wants to surround himself with people that he can learn from. He says that:

“I’ve been acting for eight years now, and I feel I’m just starting to understand things,” he says. “As soon as you think you’re the shit, you’ll find 100 people that will point at you and laugh. I don’t ever want to be that person — I want to keep finding people I can learn from. That’s my entire journey in life.”

Find out more about Channing Tatum’s career and personal life and check out his complete spread in the June 2012 issue of OUT magazine.

Photos courtesy of OUT