From developing collections of unique objects to a lack of organization skills, some people are naturally predisposed to hoarding, and even the biggest Hollywood stars can become hoarders.

Check out a few self-described celebrity hoarders and discover what collections others are really passionate about. From stars who spend a lot of money to celebrities who actually move their collections out of their homes to avoid becoming a hoarder, check out the A-listers who are really passionate about their interests.

Hoarder: Lisa Kudrow – Hoarding: Everything

Just like Valerie Cherish, her character on the recently revived sitcom “The Comeback”, Lisa Kudrow has an issue when it comes to letting go of the past. 

Lisa Kudrow Celebrity Hoarder

“I used to feel bad about holding on to things from my past like my Day Runners from the ‘80s, and faxes and stuff. I’m not going to feel bad about that anymore because those are all, at some point, potentially important family documents about what I was thinking or feeling at the time,” Kudrow told Parade magazine.

Hoarder: Angelina Jolie – Hoarding: Knives and Kids

Angelina Jolie Celebrity Hoarder

While some celebrity hoarders hold on to scraps of paper, Angelina Jolie is devoted to her knife and dagger collection. Even though she used some of her collection to inflict self-harm as a teen, Jolie has moved on from the negativity, but still loves her antique knives. “My mom took me to buy my first daggers when I was 11 or 12. And I’ve already bought Maddox some things. We take him to a special shop,” Jolie told W magazine, mentioning that her children are only allowed to play with daggers that have dulled blades.

Hoarder: Kristin Chenoweth – Hoarding: Quarters

Kristin Chenoweth Celebrity Hoarder

The Broadway star has a more practical hoarding instinct. After a few experiences of going to the laundromat and not having any quarters, the singer and actress now collects them. “I have jars of quarters. I stash them away and the minute I get home from a shopping trip or any trip, I put all the quarters away and I save the quarters,” Chenoweth told Ellen.

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Hoarder: Johnny Depp – Hoarding: Pig Skeletons

Johnny Depp Celebrity Hoarder

Few celebrity hoarders have a passion for something as weird as pig skeletons. Johnny Depp has a lot of collections, from hats to bugs, but pig skeletons certainly take up a lot more space.

Hoarder: Heidi Klum – Hoarding: Shoes

Heidi Klum Celebrity Hoarder

While some people consider Celine Dion’s shoe collection of 1,000 pairs a sign of a hoarding instinct, Heidi Klum puts the Canadian singer to shame. The “Project Runway” host admitted to ET Canada that she owns 2,000 pairs of shoes. “It’s embarrassing. Does that sound horrible? You know what it is – I’m a hoarder, and I just hoard and hoard and hoard,” Klum explained.

Hoarder: Lindsay Lohan – Hoarding: Clothes and Shoes

Lindsay Lohan Celebriy Hoarder

Fashion is also the reason why Lindsay Lohan is one of the biggest celebrity hoarders. She opened up about her oversized clothes and shoes collection to “Clean House” host Niecy Nash. When Lohan’s house appeared on OWN’s “Lindsay” reality show a few years later, her hoarding impulses were a lot less noticeable.

Hoarder: Nicolas Cage – Hoarding: shrunken heads

Nicolas Cage Celebrity Hoarder

While Nicolas Cage’s choices in movies have been jokingly explained as a necessity to pay all his debts, the actor is a actually a serious collector of many things, which may have contributed to his financial troubles. His scariest hoarding impulse has to do with his collection of… shrunken heads.

Hoarder: Mariah Carey – Hoarding: Hello Kitty gear, lingerie and perfume bottles

Mariah Carey Celebrity Hoarders

A big collector of Hello Kitty gear, Mariah Carey has confessed to having a lot in common with other celebrity hoarders. Besides a huge lingerie collection, the singer also admitted to keeping a lot of other stuff. “I collect perfume bottles, all things feminine,” she told Oprah.

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Hoarder: Jack White – Hoarding: stuffed animals

Jack White Celebrity Hoarder

Many people collect stuffed animals, but Jack White’s collection has less to do with cuddly toys and more to do with taxidermy. The musician showed off his collection of stuffed animals on “American Pickers” for The History Channel, and he had everything from a zebra head to a giant white elk.

Hoarder: Demi Moore – Hoarding: dolls

Demi Moore Celebrity Hoarder

A big fan of dolls, Demi Moore is one of the celebrity hoarders who doesn’t want to sacrifice her home for the hobby. Instead, the dolls have their own house. Her former husband Ashton Kutcher claimed the collection features over 3,000 art dolls, along with “thousands of Barbies and GI Joes.”