Some famous people with a lazy eye suffer from amblyopia, an eye disorder caused by an impaired vision in one eye, but most celebrities with a lazy eye just have one eye that trails off. Discover some of the most famous people who overcame this physical defect.

The only celebrity who’s lazy eye turned into a nickname, Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes was one of the most famous people dealing with this problem. The former TLC member is just the tip of the iceberg as many celebrities face this issue. Check out the most famous, from Paris Hilton’s wonky eye to Kristen Bell’s lazy eye.

Celebrities Who Have a Lazy Eye

While Paris Hilton’s wonky eye was caused by surgery, the heiress/actress/model also has one eye that trails off. Kristen Bell’s lazy eye is hardly noticeable, but she’s still one of the most most famous people with a lazy eye.

Celebrities With Eye ProblemsCelebrities With Lazy Eye

Celebrities who have a lazy eye also include actresses Melissa Joan Hart, Robin Tunney and singer Ashlee Simpson. This problem affects a lot of famous people, but the lazy eye isn’t usually noticeable, like in the case of Kate Moss, Selena Gomez, Shannen Doherty and even Beyonc√©.

Luckily, celebrities with physical defects have a lot of help in hiding them and usually makeup is used to balance out the eye that trails off.

Celebrities With AmblyopiaFamous People With Lazy Eye Problems

Male celebrities with a lazy eye include Russell Crowe, but the defect is less noticeable since the actor’s eyes always look squinted. Taylor Lautner, Topher Grace, Andy Garcia and Hayden Christensen are other famous people with a lazy eye, along with Bravo’s Andy Cohen and the most obvious one, Radiohead’s Thom Yorke.

Male Celebs With Lazy EyeMale Celebrities With Eye Problems

Celebrities with Physical Defects

While famous people with a lazy eye are easy to spot, celebrities with physical defects suffer from a lot of issues that are usually hidden.

Megan Fox, the brunette beauty married to Brian Austin Green, has been forced to use hand doubles in commercials, to hide her clubbed thumbs. While most of her fingers are long and normal-looking, her thumbs are very short, with wide nails.

Celebrities With Birth DefectsFamous People With Birth Defects

Another top choice for the list of celebrities with physical defects is Kate Bosworth, who suffers from Heterochromia Iridium: she has one blue eye and one brown eye.

Other celebrities with physical defects include Vanessa Paradis (gap teeth) and Lily Allen (third nipple). Halle Berry’s sixth toe was proven to be nothing more than a Photoshop trick.

Celebrities With Eye IssuesCelebrities With Gap Teeth

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