One of the most renowned names in fashion photography, Terry Richardson has been accused of inappropriate behavior and even abuse by younger models. Since many claim that Richardson preyed on the weak, many celebrities stand by him, because they never experienced any issues personally.

See a few celebrities who undressed for Terry Richardson, some of which are still strong supporters of the fashion photographer.

Miley Cyrus

After her provocative “Wrecking Ball” video, Miley Cyrus continued to push boundaries with her MTV VMA performance and a racy shoot with Terry Richardson. The shoot wasn’t commissioned by any magazine, the singer simply decided to take off her clothes for the renowned photographer.

Miley Cyrus For Terry Richardson

Jared Leto

While most celebrities who undressed for Terry Richardson are women, the fashion photographer has also shot portraits of many men, from young actors like Jared Leto and Kit Harrington to comedians and rappers like Tracy Morgan, Rick Ross and Tyler, The Creator. Leto’s shoot didn’t feature any graphic nudity, but he did get naked.

Jared Leto Style For Terry Richardson

Lady Gaga

One of Terry Richardson’s biggest fans, Lady Gaga has worked with the fashion photographer for years. She allowed him to photograph her in the most intimate of settings and they also published a book of photography together, Lady Gaga x Terry Richardson, featuring pictures taken while the singer was on tour.

Lady Gaga For Terry Richardson

Kate Upton

While most celebrities who undressed for Terry Richardson only get the standard white background, Kate Upton was photographed in different settings, for a more romantic feel. Most big models have worked with the fashion photographer, but not all of them took their tops off for him.

Kate Upton For Terry Richardson


Photographed by Terry Richardson for Rolling Stone magazine, Rihanna was surprisingly demure in her choice of outfits.

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The Barbados-born beauty didn’t lose her top for the photographer, even though she’s certainly not against going topless. She was the biggest celebrity to be banned from Instagram because of raunchy pics.

Rihanna For Terry Richardson

Lindsay Lohan

Out of the many celebrities who undressed for Terry Richardson, Lindsay Lohan managed to create one of the biggest controversies surrounding the photographer.

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At a time when Lohan was battling addiction and legal issues, Terry photographed Lindsay with a gun in her mouth and aimed at her temple.

Lindsay Lohan For Terry Richardson

Miranda Kerr

While many models photographed by Terry Richardson went topless or even got completely naked, Miranda Kerr went for a more subtle approach in 2013. The shoot for Harper’s Bazaar features her wearing a sheer bra and a tiny bikini, along with a few pictures of the model and photographer in affectionate or playful poses.

Miranda Kerr For Terry Richardson

Cameron Diaz

The actress was featured on the cover of Esquire UK in 2012, photographed by Richardson. While the shoot only featured lingerie and no nudity, Diaz is still one of the celebrities who undressed for Terry Richardson and posed for raunchy and provocative pictures.

Cameron Diaz For Terry Richardson

Mariah Carey

One of the latest celebrities to strip down to their lingerie for Terry Richardson, Mariah Carey was the subject of a racy shoot with the New York photographer for Wonderland magazine. While the singer prefers more glamorous shoots, she and Terry seemed to hit it off and the shoot was a hit.

Mariah Carey For Terry Richardson

Rita Ora

Many celebrities who undressed for Terry Richardson simply stop by the photographer’s studio without having pictures commissioned by a magazine. That’s just what British singer Rita Ora did, and she wasn’t afraid to go topless for the impromptu shoot.

Rita Ora For Terry Richardson

Lea Michele

“Glee” star Lea Michele also got down to some skimpy outfits for Terry Richardson, but her shoot didn’t feature any nudity. The shoot was for V Magazine and the singer and actress seemed proud of her provocative shoot, since she has a reputation of being demure among her friends.

Lea Michele For Terry Richardson

Liza Minnelli

There are plenty of young celebrities who undressed for Terry Richardson, but the photographer even managed to convince music and film legend Liza Minnelli to go for a raunchy vibe in her photoshoot. The 68 year-old didn’t strip down to her lingerie, but she was still up for a sexy shoot.

Liza Minnelli For Terry Richardson

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