Plenty of celebrities might come across as self-centered based simply on the number of selfies posted on social media. However, some of them have turned the selfie into one of the most useful promotional tools, and mastered both quality and quantity.

Find out which celebrities take the most selfies, and which ones have even broken records when it comes to publishing them on social media. From Kim Kardashian and The Rock, here are the stars who made history with selfies.

Kim Kardashian

The reality TV star literally wrote the book on selfies. She was’s just one of the traiblazers of the selfie, she also published a whole book of them, called “Selfish”. 

Kim Kardashian Selfie Obsessed

By promoting herself on social media with her selfies, that may be heavily retouched, Kim Kardashian has taken and shared a huge number of selfies over the years.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

The Rock Selfie Obsessed

He’s not just one of the celebrities who take the most selfies, he’s also the only star to make the Guinness World Records with his snaps. At the London premiere of “San Andreas”, the action star took 105 selfies with his fans in just 3 minutes. His record is slightly less impressive than the one achieved by Arizona Cardinals cornerback Patrick Peterson, who took almost 1,500 selfies in an hour.

Chris Hardwick

Chris Hardwick Selfie Obsessed

The host of Comedy Central’s @midnight isn’t known as one of the celebrities obsessed by selfies, but just a few days after The Rock made it his Guinness World Record, Hardwick managed to top the actor, using just his studio audience. He managed to take 165 selfies in 3 minutes, and his feat was simply witnessed by a guy with a Guinness beer.

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Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus Selfie Obsessed

Back when selfies were a relatively new mainstream phenomenon, Miley Cyrus topped the list of celebrities who take the most selfies. In 2013, the singer had poster 121 selfies, the most out of top 100 celebrities on Twitter at the time. Miley was just being Miley, so she continued to flood her fans with cute or controversial selfies on Instagram.

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber Selfie Obsessed

Known for his shirtless selfies, Justin Bieber was one of the first celebrities to use to power of Instagram to promote himself, and he definitely knew what his millions of fans wanted to see. Bieber has continued to be one of the most prolific selfie posters, and he’s currently closing in on the record number of 30 million Instagram followers.

Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner Selfie Obsessed

The model became one of the celebrities who take the most selfies since she first created her Instagram account in June 2012. By October 2013, she had posted a whopping 451 selfies. Her lips even inspired a dangerous selfie challenge, that caused teens to suck on shot glasses in order to inflate their lips.

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga Selfie Obsessed

From makeup free selfies to more bizarre pictures, Lady Gaga is definitely the queen of the shocking selfie. Unlike most celebrities, the singer isn’t really concerned with looking her best, so she’ll also pose closed eyes selfies or introduce her wild new costumes on Instagram to surprise her fans.


Rihanna Selfie Obsessed

Banned from Instagram more than once for featuring nudity in her selfies, Rihanna definitely knows how to shock as well. She’s one of the celebrities who take the most selfies, from bikini shots to more surprising poses in her haute couture looks. The singer may not be the all time queen of selfies based on quantity, but she’s very prolific for a celebrity who’s also concerned with quality.

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Kendall Jenner

Kendall Jenner Selfie Obsessed

Following in the footsteps of her sisters, Kendall also knows that flooding social media with her selfies will get her both attention and more followers. She currently has over 27 million Instagram followers, 2 million more than her younger sister.


Beyonce Selfie Obsessed

With almost 35 million followers on Instagram, Queen Bey has also played a big role in selfie culture. She’s one of the celebrities who take the most selfies, and she’s started plenty of controversies with a single picture. Even though Beyoncé has been accused of retouching her selfies, she kept retouching whenever she felt like it, and the number of people obsessed with her selfies has only grown.