While many celebrities are attracted to exotic pets, like George Clooney and his pot bellied pig, some A-listers simply love cats, and adopted one or more feline furry friends. Check out the biggest Hollywood cat lovers.

From James Franco to Robert Downey Jr., discover a few celebrities celebrities who love cats, and they also like discussing how much their pets mean to them.

James Franco

With two cats named after some of his favorite literary characters and authors, James Franco has outed himself as a cat person more than once. 

James Franco Cat Lover

“I had cats when I was a kid and that’s what I’m used to. I don’t really know how to take care of a dog, but I think I’m pretty good with cats,” he told People. Franco currently has two cats, Sammy and Zelda.

Ian Somerhalder

Ian Somerhalder Cat Lover

Star of “The Vampire Diaries”, Ian Somerhalder definitely counts himself among the celebrities who love cats. In fact, he cares for three. “I literally wake up and there’s just fur everywhere. It’s so awesome… They’re all very different. One is a feral cat from Hawaii who grew up in the jungle, another one is a rescue from a dungeon in New York and the other one’s from Canada,” he explained.

Jesse Eisenberg

Jesse Eisenberg Cat Lover

If 3 cats already sounds like a handful, then Jesse Eisenberg has his work cut out for him. The actor joked about having 42 cats, before admitting that he doesn’t actually know how many cats currently live with him. “I’m a foster parent for cats and the more movies I do, the more guilty I feel – and the more cats I feel the need to get to alleviate the guilt from doing the movies,” Eisenberg told Conan.

Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran Cat Lover

Few celebrities who love cats bring them to work, but Ed Sheeran actually made his cat Milton a big part of his “Drunk” music video. The singer also loves posting pictures of Milton on his Instagram.

Russell Brand

Russell Brand Cat Lover

After getting married to Katy Perry, another cat lover, Russell Brand had some issues with his own cat, Morrissey, who was having trouble adjusting. “I didn’t think I’d ever have a cat psychiatrist in my house, let alone a man waving a crystal over my cat’s head,” he recounted.

Zachary Quinto

Zachary Quinto Cat Lover

One of the celebrities who love cats but also share the love with dogs, Zachary Quinto cares as much for his black cat Harold as he does for Noah, his Irish Wolfhound Terrier mix.

Ricky Gervais

Ricky Gervais Cat Ollie

After getting a Siamese kitten as a gift from U.K. talk show host Jonathan Ross, comedian Ricky Gervais has confessed that his cat has become a major part of his life: “My evening usually consists of sitting on couch in my pajamas from 6 p.m. with the cat on my lap watching trash TV.”

Jason Mraz

Jason Mraz Cat Lover

The singer is definitely among the celebrities who love cats. He has twin orange tabby cats, has also helped rescue and find homes for many other cats, and even sells “Fond of Cats” t-shirts on his website.

Michael C. Hall

Michael C Hall Cat Lover

Just like the serial killer he played on “Dexter”, Michael C. Hall has a soft spot for cats. He cares for two, and they even helped him recover after his latest divorce: “They’re both boys, they’re both very affectionate. Their names are Preacher and Ford. They’re my four-legged friends.”

Robert Downey Jr.

Robert Downey Jr Cat Lover

“Iron Man” joined the list of celebrities who love cats in 2010, when his wife insisted they adopt two rescues. “I was adamantly opposed to the whole idea. And now I couldn’t imagine living without them. I’ve become one of those people where the Missus is like, ‘They don’t want to see iPhone pictures of our kittens right now. Stop it’,” he told Men’s Fitness.

Christopher Walken

Christopher Walken Loves Cats

He provided the the foreword to “KISS: Guide to Cat Care”, and his love of cats spans decades. “I like cats a lot. I’ve always liked cats. They’re great company. When they eat, they always leave a little bit at the bottom of the bowl. A dog will polish the bowl, but a cat always leaves a little bit. It’s like an offering,” he told the New York Times.

Nathan Fillion

Nathan Fillion Cat Lover

Some celebrities who love cats are actually afraid of becoming crazy cat people. “Castle” star Nathan Fillion has two and he told Jimmy Kimmel he’s already worried about it: “One cat, you’re doing okay. Two cats? That’s four cats away from six cats. So I’m trying to be careful.”