Some celebrities in the world of sports insure their body parts for a lot of money (David Beckham’s legs were insured for $70 million), but the practice is also common in Hollywood, where celebrities who insured their bodies would collect millions if anything happened to their “assets”.

Find out which celebrities paid a high premium for specialized insurance and how much they would collect in the case of a very unfortunate accident, that would have a big impact on their careers.

Rihanna – Legs $1 million

The Barbados-born singer exercises her legs on and off stage, so she ended up taking an insurance policy for $1 million in case anything happened to them. 

Rihanna Legs Insurance

Rihanna was the winner of the 2007 Gilette Venus Breeze “Celebrity Legs of a Goddess” award and has told People that she’s obsessed with her legs, who are the main focus of her workouts.

Heidi Klum – Legs $2.2 million

Heidi Klum Legs Insurance

Model and TV personality Heidi Klum is also one of the celebrities who insured their bodies. The German beauty had to undergo a physical inspection before getting her legs insured for $2.2 million in London. To her surprise, Heidi discovered that her left leg, with a small scar, is worth a lot less than her right one, that’s considered perfect.

America Ferrera – Smile $10 million

America Ferrera Smile Insurance

Even if she wore braces on “Ugly Betty”, America Ferrara has a million dollar smile. In fact, the actress insured it for much more. In case something happened to her smile, Ferrara would have a pay day of $10 million. But the actress also values her mind, as she earned a bachelor’s degree in International relations from the University of Southern California in 2013.

Dolly Parton – Breasts $600,000

Dolly Parton Breast Insurance

Famous for turning down million dollar offers from Playboy to pose topless in the magazine, country legend Dolly Parton had her bust insured. While the policy is for only $600,000, it makes sense that Parton would be among the celebrities who insured their bodies. The singer recently claimed that she was asked again, but passed.

Jennifer Lopez – Butt $27 million

Jennifer Lopez Butt Insurance

J-Lo has made sure that she’d get a big pay day if anything happened to her curves. The singer, actress and TV personality has ensured her behind for a whopping $27 million. She may still think of herself a “Jenny from the Block”, but she could afford to move to Manhattan anytime if she ever collected.

Madonna –  Breasts $2 million

Madonna Breasts Insurance

The queen of pop is also one of the celebrities who insured their bodies. According to Yahoo!, Madonna had her breasts insured for $2 million. It’s not known if she insurance policy dates from her cone bra days or if the star recently decided to ensure her breasts, which she kept showing off to her fans during her 2012 MDNA tour.

Julia Roberts – Smile $30 million

Julia Roberts Smile Insurance

Another celebrity to went to London for a hefty insurance policy, Julia Roberts knows her smile is one of her best assets and decided to get an insurance policy for it. Her beautiful smile ended up with an evaluation of $30 million. Roberts isn’t as big a draw at the box-office as she once was, so maybe the policy needs to be reevaluated.

Mariah Carey – Legs $1 billion

Mariah Carey Legs Insurance

Some celebrities who insured their bodies would become instant billionaires in the case of an accident. Mariah Carey insured her legs for $1 billion in 2006, when she was the face of Gillette’s “Legs Of A Goddess” campaign. Her insurance policy was probably temporary, unless Mariah managed to keep her legs free of stretch marks during her pregnancy.

Kylie Minogue – Butt $5 million

Kylie Minogue Butt Insurance

Australian singer Kylie Minogue valued her buttocks as her most important “asset” and had her behind insured for $5 million. The 45 year old still has gorgeous looking legs, but she’s also probably working out her glutes regularly. Minogue isn’t worried though, since she claims her flawless look is “all smoke and mirrors”.

Bette Davis – Waist $28,000

Bette Davis Waist Insurance

Proving that insuring body parts isn’t a new practice, Hollywood legend Betty Davis also had to go through a physical for a big insurance policy. In the ‘30s, Bette Davis took out a $28,000 policy against weight gain. From the many celebrities who insured their bodies, Davis is the only one who wanted to protect her waist in case of weight gain, since it would have had a negative impact on her career.

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