Pugs are definitely one of the cutest dog breed, even if they’re not among the most popular. Their unique charm won over plenty of A-listers who fell in love with them. Scoring the Best in Show award at the 2004 World Dog Show helped pugs gain even more fans, some of them Hollywood A-listers.

Check out some of the biggest celebrities who have pugs and love their little pups. Even if three of the most famous pugs in the world, Tori Spelling’s Mimi LaRue, Kelly Osbourne’s Prudence and Jonathan Ross’ Mr. Pickle passed on, there are still plenty of cute pugs who found loving homes with big celebrities.

Robin Williams

Even if they have a life expectancy between 12 and 15 years, most pugs usually die before their owners. In Robin Williams’ case, Leonard the pug was left to mourn his friend. 

Robin Williams Pug

Williams had adopted the rescue dog in 2010, and Leonard was often seen on the set of CBS sitcom “The Crazy Ones” before the comedian committed suicide.

Denise Richards

Denise Richards Pug And Dogs

One of the most dedicated animal rescue activists in Hollywood, Denise Richards, shared custody of two pugs with her ex-husband Charlie Sheen. The death of one of them, Betty, a black pug, caused a scandal as Richards blamed Sheen for it. She’s still one of the celebrities who have pugs, as she kept Steve, along with a few other dogs.

Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba Pug

The actress has two dogs, Sid and Bowie. While Bowie is an American bulldog, Sid is a pug, and Jessica Alba considered both of their needs when designing her home. The actress told Modern Dog Magazine that she had to employ a designer that would consider their needs, and ended up adapting her home for the sake of her dogs: “It’s so difficult to find a good yard in LA. We looked everywhere and we found a house, and everything was perfect—except it didn’t quite have the yard I wanted for the dogs.”

Gerard Butler

Gerard Butler Pug

While Gerard Butler still hasn’t found his soul mate, he focuses all his affection on his pug, Lolita. Butler is one of the celebrities who have pugs and even ended up in tabloids because of her. In 2009, the actor reportedly hit a greyhound that had attacked his precious pug.

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Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton Pug

Her most famous dog is Tinkerbell the chihuahua, but Paris Hilton also adopted a rescue pug in 2010. She was photographed with Mugsy a few times after adopting him, but the pug hasn’t been seen out with Paris Hilton since. That’s a good thing, since a pug doesn’t belong in a designer bag, but Paris has been posting pics of Mugsy on Instagram.


Valentino Pugs

Few celebrities are as serious when it comes to pugs as fashion designer Valentino. He’s not just one of the many celebrities who have pugs, he adores them and had 7 at one time. Milton passed away in 2013, but Valentino is still obsessed with the rest of his pugs, Molly, Maude, Margot, Maggie, and Monty. In the 2009 documentary “Valentino: The Last Emperor”, he called his dogs more important than his collection.

Jodie Marsh

Jodie Marsh Pug

British reality TV personality Jodie Marsh is also a pug fanatic. She has two pugs, Peggy Sue and Marshall, along with two British bulldogs and a mixed breed dog. When she’s not tweeting sexy pictures, Jodie likes to post pictures of her two pugs.

Goran Visnjic

Goran Visnjic Pug Peta Campaign

The Croatian actor known for his roles in “E.R.” and “Extant” is also on the list of celebrities who have pugs. Bugsy, Goran’s pug, was also featured in a PETA campaign with the tagline “If you wouldn’t wear your dog, please don’t wear any fur”.

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Amber Le Bon

Amber Le Bon Pug And Dogs

The eldest daughter of Duran Duran lead singer Simon Le Bon is also crazy about pugs. The family has three dogs, but Luigi the pug is clearly Amber’s favorite. The model and DJ keeps posting Vines and pics of the cute canine, explaining on Twitter that “I have decided that pugs are working dogs. They have a job, they’re very good at their jobs. It’s being a live hot water bottle. #perfection”

Billy Joel

Billy Joel Pug

Singer Billy Joel is also one of the celebrities who have pugs. After Sabrina won his heart, he also adopted a 4 year old rescue in 2012. He named his second pug Rosie and he’s happy to be photographed by the paparazzi every time he’s out walking his pugs.