While all images in magazines and ads are photoshopped, sometimes they truly distort the real image of celebrities and create a truly unrealistic ideal of beauty. For a healthy dose of reality, see a few celebrities before and after Photoshop.

From the newest Lady Gaga Versace campaign to a few older Photoshop scandals, see the real images of celebrities and decide for yourself who had just a little too much done. Since everything can be done digitally, some celebs even give up makeup during the photoshoot and the original images aren’t always pretty. Here they are before and after.

Lady Gaga for Versace Ads

The singer has faced excessive photoshop criticism before, but Lady Gaga’s new ads for Versace really take it up a notch.

Lady Gaga Before And After Photoshop

Photographed with minimal makeup, Lady Gaga is completely transformed digitally. From perfecting her skin and messing with her hair color to slimming her arms and even adding makeup, the before and after truly make a huge difference.

Kim Kardashian for Complex and Instagram

Kim Kardashian Before And After Photoshop

Pictures of celebrities before and after Photoshop are usually for magazine covers, but Kim Kardashian has taken it further. Her first bit incident was related to her Complex magazine 2009 shoot, but Kim has been caught photoshopping her selfies before posting them on Instagram! The easiest way to tell if a celebrity posts photoshopped pics on social media is to look for any straight lines in the image. If they’re unnaturally curved, somebody’s been slimming their waste or hips hoping nobody would notice.

Jennifer Lawrence Retouched Flare Magazine Cover

Jennifer Lawrence Photoshop GifJennifer Lawrence Photoshop

The Canadian fashion magazine really went to town on Jennifer Lawrence, making her seem older and retouching the weirdest details about her cover. Even her collarbone and hands didn’t escape the overzealous photoshopping, but aging her with the digital addition of makeup was definitely a huge mistake.

Katy Perry for Rolling Stone

Katy Perry Photoshopped Rolling Stone Cover

For many young women, Katy Perry is a symbol of the feminine beauty ideal, but the singer wasn’t good enough for the cover of Rolling Stone magazine. Most pictures of celebrities before and after Photoshop show a few necessary changes, but the singer had a truly gratuitous breast lift and thigh slimming, along with some weird manipulation of her fingers.

Britney Spears Candie’s Campaign

Britney Spears Photoshop Candies Campaign

One of the few celebrities who allowed the publication of her original images, Britney Spears actually came out on top because she wasn’t afraid of her imperfections. While the Candie’s ads portray her with a flawless figure and perfect legs, the originals show her as a real human being with a little cellulite.

Lena Dunham for Vogue

Lena Dunham Vogue Photoshop Gif

Pictures of celebrities before and after Photoshop have become a hot commodity and Jezebel even offered a substantial reward for the before shots when Lena Dunham did Vogue. The filmmaker and actress fought back, claiming the retouching was minimal. “I don’t understand why, Photoshop or no, having a woman who is different than the typical Vogue cover girl could be a bad thing,” she told Slate France.

Madonna for Dolce & Gabbana

Madonna Photoshopped Photos

While the 55 year old singer has had plenty of retouching in the past decade, the most glaring example is her Dolce & Gabbana campaign, that basically turned her into a drawing of herself.

Demi Moore for W Magazine 

Demi Moore PhotoshopCover Comparison Demi Moore

While Demi Moore claimed her hips weren’t slimmed down on the cover of W, and even posted the “original” pictures, she joined the list of celebrities before and after Photoshop when the South Korean version of the cover came out, clearly showing overzealous retouching.

Eva Mendes  for Cosmopolitan

Eva Mendes Photoshopped Cosmopolitan Cover

Flawless skin is to be expected on a magazine cover, but when Eva Mendes appeared on the cover of the Russian edition of Cosmopolitan her entire skin tone was changes and she also “benefited” from a neck lift and other touch ups.

Faith Hill for Redbook

Faith Hill Photoshopped Cover

One of the biggest scandals in the saga of celebrities before and after Photoshop, the 2007 Redbook Magazine cover featuring Faith Hill is the clear definition of “too much”. Even though the country singer is considered very beautiful, she had to be transformed into a digital version of herself to make the cover.

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