Actress Carey Mulligan gets her sexy groove on as she poses for W magazine, January 2012 issue, where she also talks about her new acting role, Sissy from the movie ‘Shame’. Carey’s role is that of a troubled girl who is a sex addict and who makes bad mistakes in the search of feeling complete. The British actress gets into her character as she poses for the magazine and it seems that there is much more than meets the eye when it comes to the 26 year old Carey.

With a high dose of vintage sexiness, Carey Mulligan poses for the magazine and looks absolutely amazing. From super sexy to innocent cutie, Carey demonstrates her acting abilities and reveals that this is the first role for which she filmed a nude scene. Carey tells W that:

“I’ve never been comfortable with the idea of nudity. I’ve done only seminude, very innocent things in the past, and I’ve always been of the quite British mind-set that I won’t do gratuitous nudity.”

Carey Mulligan W Magazine January 2012 Carey Mulligan W Magazine January 2012

Carey also tells the magazine that: “Weirdly, it was fine. You take your clothes off, and you’re like, ‘Ah—all of you are wearing clothes, and I’m naked, ha, ha, ha.’ It’s kind of fun, not that I would continue to do it. The nudity helped me dive into who she was.”

Although Carey has appeared topless in other roles she has never appeared fully naked on film, but this isn’t the idea that scared the actress the most. Sissy, the character from the movie ‘Shame’ is a singer, so Carey’s role required her to sing. She told W Magazine that it was singing on film that was scarier than being nude. She said:

“I’ve never sung in a movie before. The point wasn’t really that Sissy was a great singer, it was more that she attracted people. I sing ‘New York, New York’ in the film, and Steve wanted it live. We did 15 takes because every time I made a mistake or my voice fell out of tune or I lost my breath, we’d have to cut, and Steve wanted to do the whole thing in one go. At one point he wanted Sissy to sing something else and asked me to make up a song.”

Carey Mulligan W Magazine January 2012 Carey Mulligan W Magazine January 2012

Carey Mulligan W Magazine January 2012

It seems that Carey was attracted to acting since she was a child, as many great actors can trace their talent back to the time they were kids. Being theatrical about things is a sign that acting might be a suitable career and Carey did love to channel her inner actor since she was a child. She tells that magazine that: “I would put my earphones on and sing along to soundtracks of musicals like ‘Les Misérables’. I’d act it out in the mirror and cry. When I was 11 or 12, I asked my parents about going to a performing arts school, and they said no.”

Find out more about what Carey had to say and check her amazing photoshoot created by acclaimed photographer Michael Thompson in the January 2012 issue of W Magazine.

Photos courtesy of W Magazine