Britney Spears gracefully covers the spring issue of ‘V’ Magazine. The 29-year-old pop icon looks incredibly sexy in a stunning photo shoot made by the one and only Mario Testino who manages to capture her in a series of amazing pictures.

The young girl who once was a real music sensation and an idol for millions of teenagers worldwide makes a strong come back this time with a new album ‘Femme Fatale’, rocking the image that made her popular.

In the editorial, Britney was styled by Panos Yiapanis and wears trendy spring brights and clothes from Dolce & Gabbana, Tom Ford, Valentino, Givenchy, Ralph Lauren Collection and Salvatore Ferragamo.

Innocent and sweet, yet extremely sensual and feminine, Britney looks glowing in the magazine proving once again that despite all controversies and struggles she is able to start all over. Her new album called ‘Femme Fatale’ is set to be released on March 29. In the cover story for ‘V’ she opens up and talks about a wide range of topics such as fate and whether she believes she was destined to be a star, what helped her succeed despite all the ups and downs, her new album, and even about things people might not know about her.

Speaking about destiny and whether she was destined to be a star, the pop icon gave an interesting and funny answer to the magazine. “If not, then God definitely has a strange sense of humor,” she told in the interview. Still, if she had to give up what she is doing now, Britney said: “I’d be a full-time mom, which would be cool. I’d miss my fans and all of the love the most, but I definitely would not miss having my picture taken everywhere I go.”

Despite all the glam, celebrity and success, Britney had to face lots of issues throughout her career and struggle in order to get where she is now. If there is a secret to being successful in spite of all the ups and downs, she confesses: “I have learned to always stay true to myself and never let what other people say about me change who I am. It’s a really important lesson that took me a long time to learn.”

Mother of two, Britney learned to be more guarded about her personal life. “I think it’s easier to let people in when you’re younger, but when I became a mother I wanted more privacy for myself and my children,” she explains.

With her new album, Britney promises that she is back and better than ever. “I think ‘Femme Fatale’ speaks for itself… I wanted to make a fierce dance record where each song makes you want to get up and move your body in a different way. That’s what I want from the music I listen to. This record is for the clubs, or something you play before you go out at night. It’s definitely my edgiest and most mature sound yet,” she told ‘V’.

Britney also reveals a few things people might not know about her. “I love to cook, especially for my boys. I also make a mean southern sweet tea from a recipe my mom passed on to me. It’s really good. I love it. I make it for my boys all the time,” the singer says.

Britney Spears Covers V Magazine Spring 2011

Photos courtesy of ‘V’ Magazine