While Twitter has shrunk the gap between celebrities and their fans, that’s not always a good thing. Some big celebs have used the micro-blogging platform to go on unpleasant rants, that ended up offending many of their fans.

Discover a few of the biggest celebrity Twitter meltdowns from stars who embarrassed themselves by taking things too far on the social site. From attacking their fans to venting about things they perceive as a major injustice, here are the biggest Twitter breakdowns.

Anthony Cumia

Fired by Sirius XM after a racist rant, Anthony Cumia, half of the half of the longtime radio team “Opie & Anthony,” made some very controversial remarks on Twitter. After getting attacked by an African-American woman in New York, Cumia spilled his rage on the social media site with various racist slurs aimed at the woman, and the entire black community. “They aren’t people”, “I hope she gets shot in her ass f**k face” and “Animal pig f**k c**t b***h” are just a few of the aggressive tweets the radio DJ published, then deleted.

Anthony Cumia Twitter Meltdown

Nicki Minaj

In one of the biggest celebrity Twitter meltdowns, Nicki Minaj lashed out at fans who were disappointed that she canceled two UK performances in 2012. Using the hashtags #goFuckYourselves and #killyafuckingself, Minaj defended herself, claiming that her health was the reason for the cancellation and that lipsyncing was out of the question.

Nicki Minaj Twitter Meltdown

Alec Baldwin

One of the celebrities who seems to find a new scandal every few months, Alex Baldwin went on a long Twitter rant after he was escorted out of an American Airlines flight for playing “Words with Friends” while waiting for the plane to take off. Baldwin described the airline as the place “where retired Catholic school gym teachers from the 1950’s find jobs as flight attendants”.

Alec Baldwin Twitter Meltdown


Known for her all caps posts on the micro-blogging site, Cher vented about the 2013 Government shutdown in one of the biggest celebrity Twitter meltdowns. The many highlights include “WHO THE F**K DO THESE TBAG (DEVIL INCARNATE)MEMBERS OF GOV.THINK THEY R?” and “WE R NOT HOSTAGES.If UR REPUBLIC IS FREAKING THE WHOLE WORLD OUT,MAYBE WE SHOULD DEEP 6 THEIR WEAK ASS’S.”

Cher Twitter Meltdown

Shia LaBeouf

After being attacked for plagiarism, Shia LaBeouf posted his famous “I am not famous anymore” Tweet, while also going on the defensive about his artistic choices. The actor also feuded with Jim Carrey and Patton Oswalt on the site.

Shia La Beouf Twitter Meltdown

Amanda Bynes

Former child star Amanda Bynes had one of the biggest celebrity Twitter meltdowns in 2013, when she tweeted at singer Drake, asking him to “murder my vagina”. She also attacked any negative tweets coming her way and called president Barack Obama and his wife Michelle “ugly”.

Amanda Bynes Twitter Meltdown

Kevin Smith

Another celebrity that had an unfortunate encounter with a flight attendant, director Kevin Smith was asked to leave a SouthWestern Airlines flight after he was deemed to be too fat and asked to purchase an extra seat. “Fucking flight wasn’t even full! Fuck your size-ist policy”, Smith tweeted, before calling the airline “Loather of the Wide”.

Kevin Smith Twitter Meltdown

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Charlie Sheen

In one of the biggest celebrity Twitter meltdowns, Charlie Sheen coined the hashtags #winning and #TigerBlood. The actor vented on the micro-blogging platform before, during his exit from “Two and a Half Men”, but he didn’t really go for an over-sized rant until much later, when he felt attacked by the media.

Charlie Sheen Twitter Meltdown

Courtney Love

The singer had feuded with many on Twitter, including Dave Grohl, but her most vicious tweets were aimed at her own daughter. “why do u want to ruin my personal life?”, the singer tweeted at her daughter, along with “youve done a damned good job frances of destroying anything i could build that is positive, and i want to know why now that your of age” (sic).

Courtney Love Twitter Meltdown

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Perez Hilton

After being assaulted by Will.I.Am, Perez Hilton had ones of the biggest celebrity Twitter meltdowns. The celebrity blogger wanted his Twitter fans to know about the incident first, before calling his lawyer and finally calling the police, which he had already tried to summon on Twitter.

Perez Hilton Twitter Meltdown